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  1. rather unimpressive

    Hmmm, the stats on it are kind of unimpressive, arn't they? I am just really surprised that it managed to be a winning race car, it must have taken a talented driver to be competative with it with only 105 hp.

    Still, some of them were made with aluminum bodies, which I think is pretty cool.
  2. Re: rather unimpressive

    racing versions have usually more horsepower...
  3. Re: rather unimpressive

    hmm.. lets think about this one...

    1950s "plus" 2 litres "plus" 105hp

    not all that bad for a standard high production car of the time...

    (note the "high production", not "hand built" of greater cars like ferrari et al)
  4. Re: rather unimpressive

    For the time, the performance figures are pretty good. The Triumph TR6 of 1969-73 only managed 150 BHP with fuel injection from a 2.5 liter engine, and was considered swift. In my opinion, it is the styling of this car thats lets it down; it seems out of proportion somehow, and looks uncomfortable on its wheels, particularly at the rear.<!-- Signature -->
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    How do you stick a V8 in that without it flipping over frontwards, well maybe not that bad.
  6. Re: rather unimpressive

    Unimpressive? The race versions had about 130 hp, and the motor is only a 2 liter pushrod. Not bad at all for 1952-1956, when these cars were built!

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  7. Only 105Hp

    That is one weak V8; why only 105HP.
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  8. Re: Only 105Hp

    Thats still more than 50 horsepower per n/a litre almost half a century ago. I've run into alot of your posts and all you seem to be concerned with is power and speed, you really can't apply your (limited) knowledge of modern cars performance to cars more than 20 years old, genius.
  9. Re: Only 105Hp

    It is light overall.<!-- Signature -->
  10. Re: Only 105Hp

    Geee, maybe the fact that the engine is only 2.0 liters of displacement could have a SLIGHT influence of the so called "lack" of power. Think about this, back in 1954, most American V8's couldn't top 290 hp from the factory, and they had much more displacement.
  11. Re: Only 105Hp

    First of all, the racing versions had about 130 hp. The info here is WRONG! Second, it is only 2 liters in displacement, and a pushrod motor. Third, in the up to 2 liter class in the early to mid 1950s, it was a Fiat or Siata 8V or an Alfa 1900 that won 90% of the 2 liter GT races. They beat the Ferrari 166s and 195s ALL the time!
    There were only about 200 cars built including all the Fiat and Siata versions and both Coupe and Spider. The car shown as a body by Zagato, most of the bodies were different.

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  12. Re: rather unimpressive

    its times like this that call for me to remind you that horsepower, while it may be a great determining factor, does not win a race. power-to-weight ratio and handling win a race, depending on the driver. if horsepower was the only thing that won races, a stock Dodge Viper would definitely smoke a slightly modified 92 Honda Civic HB, but will it?
  13. ferrari clone
  14. Re: ferrari clone

    yup looks alot like the 225 vignale coupe.
  15. Re: ferrari clone

    ferrari was fiat before ferrari took over
  16. Re: ferrari clone

    wrong, ferrari never took over, Fiat owns Ferrari. and lets not forget that Fiats and Ferraris were mainly designed by the same guy. Pininfarina ring a bell?
  17. Re: ferrari clone

    haha this car sucks who cares?
  18. F>I>A>T

    it obviously stands for "Fix, It, Again, Tony"
  19. yeah... good...

    oh, sorry, forgot to laugh...

  20. Re: F>I>A>T

    its not a joke
  21. Re: F>I>A>T

    don't be the funny guy, it means: fabrica italia automobile torino
  22. Re: F>I>A>T

    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Xanavi</i>
    <b>it obviously stands for "Fix, It, Again, Tony"</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->haha thats my auto teacher's name (tony)<!-- Signature -->
  23. Re: F>I>A>T

    Having owned several Fiats over the years... I found them more reliable than a great number of cars built at the same time. I put 60 thousand miles on 76 with only a clutch, three timing belts, a waterpump, and an alternator needed... and that was already a ten year old car when I got it...
  24. Re: This might be irrelevant but.....

    yup it does, i dont like this car at all.
  25. Re: This might be irrelevant but.....

    also a hint of 300SL Gullwing in it<!-- Signature -->

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