This or a 550?

Discussion in '1992 Ferrari 512 TR' started by Zoomy3, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Would you take the famous Testarossa like this or its predecessor, the 550 Maranello. Not the 575M, the 550. I honestly can't decide, too close to call. <!-- Signature -->
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    I would take the 512 TR because it looks better.
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    Ummm I think u mean successor because "predecessor" means it came before and the 550 came out AFTER the 512
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    Hmmm. I'd take the Maranello over a 512TR (But not the F512M) because it's a very beautiful, if not conservative, Ferrari. By "conservative" I mean it looks like a supercar, but it's not outragious-looking like some others. (Some people take their cars to the extreme) The Maranello, despite being newer, also has more power, better performance. But regardles of what anyone may say they're both wonderful cars.
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    I'd go for the 550 Maranello.
    No wait, a 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, YES!
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    i have to go with the Maranello yah this one is Reallly nice but the Maranello is faster and a bit nicer in my opignion , both great cars though
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    id take the 550 better accel better engine
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    The 550 maranello is more modern,beautiful and performant,with better engine and better accel.
  9. I just love the looks of the older ones
  10. I'd take the 550, looks better to me.
  11. Both great cars, but i would take the 512tr.

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