This or a Noble M12 GTO

Discussion in '2002 Caterham Seven Superlight R300' started by Jthedriva, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. What would you prefer as a trackday car? I'd take the Noble, you wouldn't get wet in the rain!
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    this car would be faster but the m12 gto is more practical and still scaringly fast and amazingly agile.
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    #$%# not getin wet who cares i'll take the 500 version of this its kick ass accl and f==kin handles like a true sports car english style actualy id take a viper and cruise arround and floor it when ppl try to over take leave them for worm food
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    ill have an r500 plz and spend the surplus 25k on sumthin practical and a trailer for the seven.
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    The R500 version of this, make sure it aint rainin on the day tho, I would very much like to pass ur viper on a corner.
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    Sorry about the comment bout the rain but have you ever tried to drive this type of car with a lot of power and nothing to keep the rain away, trying to stay in control will be more an issue than goin fast and I no that the noble has a better power to weight ratio 321bhp/ton similar conering G and tops out a lot higher (165mph), and it accelerates faster (4.1 secs) than the R300, i also no that this car can keep up with the R500 around a track (as fast because the R500 is too powerful and is a handfull around a track) although there is no doubt it would kill the noble accelerating in a straight line, but if you corner fast will that benefit it as much?
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    to be honest ill have to say the caterham because this car has amazing handling.
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    I'd take the M12, even tho the R500 kicks ass.

    (go take a look at the Tiger Z100 Mk1) (its like this one but 300 horsepower)
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    but it costs about £40 000 lol, and it doesnt beat the R500 around the track, and has less reliability because of the bike engine, but each to their own <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    How can it lose to the R500? More power, same weight, how?

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