This or an NSX

Discussion in '2002 Lotus Esprit V8' started by TimN88, Aug 10, 2002.

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    The Lotus looks better and is faster, so I would take it.
    But the NSX is real nice too, better than a Z06
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    I cant belive im seeing this..... There soo many of you argueing over this. let me solve this problem for you all.... HONDAS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
    i cant understand who would rather have a ugly honda, over a Lotus Esprit.
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    nsx-because it won't break every 100 miles, and if it does you won't have to travel 100's of miles to get it serviced-plus it looks better
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    I own a Lotus V8 -96 (Yellow), and itŽs wonderful. The problems : it gets very crowded when You stop the car, everyone wants a ride, talking and so on. A lot of racemaniacs wants to race, but I dont need to prove anything, crusing is enough, everyone(exept a few idiotŽs) seems to know when true power speaks on the street. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    LOL. A Lotus Esprit wont break evry 100 miles!!! What do you think is made of cheaper parts: A NSX made from cheap japaneese shit, or a Lotus Esprit made out of high quality parts in england. i think its obvious... but then again, some people are just naturally stupid.
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    Not quite....

    THe NSX has built in Honda reliability. The Esprit is british(no offense), hence making for some REALLY bad repair experiences, as Lotuses have rare parts (mostly from REnault, groan).

    Now, it's all based on owning or renting out.

    For renting, the Esprit. Unless honda picks it up for a V8 or gassp, a V10, I stand firm. This is waaay faster.

    Owning, a NSX, as a proud owner, a pretty low maintenance exotic.

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    Hell dont get me wrong i absolutely love the NSX and i recon its the best production japanse car yet. BUT when you have the choose between a Honda or a Lotus or NSX vs a Espirit i think that it is a rather simple decision. First of all you get a faster car both in acceleration and top speed, and better looking car (my personal opinion, a ride in luxuary and also you can look at the heritage and history that comes with the car. Also if your mates asked what ar do u drive i would feel better saying i drive a Lotus rather than saying i drive a Honda. \

    Agin no hard fealings honda i absolutly love the NSX.
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    The V8 would pump more HP faster than the NSX, the V6 would havea fair bit of trouble keeping up.

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