this or ferrari enzo?

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    this or ferrari enzo?

    The back is ok but, the front loosk awsome.
    if i was drivin down the street and saw the back it would look different but it wouldn't catch my eye. Now, if i saw the front boy, i would case after that baby.
    XJ220's are kool but i like the Pagani Zonda C12S 7.3
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    personnally.......the XJ220 its faster 0-60 and overall plus it looks better
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    0-60 is not faster for XJ220.
    BTW, I would have an Enzo, it handles a lot better.
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    how do you know it handles better? every time ive read about the XJ220 the journalist has always said that the handling in the dry is sublime... though granted in the wet its tricky to say the least.

    the enzo's styling is, ummm... interesting. personally i dont like it and think it is one of the ugliest cars that ferrari have produced recently and this jag is gorgeous, but each to their own.

    the enzo is quicker and has an F1 pedigree the jag can only dream of and, though i havent heard it, its engine would probably sound much more threatening than the XJ220's horrible whiney V6. id still take the jaguar though, its beautiful.
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    I'd prefer this but of course the Enzo is new and it's a bettr sports car, however the XJ220 is rarer
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    Based on looks it would be a toss-up. Based on performance there is no question... Enzo hands down. 10 years newer with the F1 technology of Ferrari. The Enzo would humiliate this thing on a track. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying this car sucks in any way. But you can't compare it to the Enzo.
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    the jag is NOT rare by supercar standards; jaguar made 265 of them. no other supercar has been made in that kind of volume. thats still quite a feat, considering it started life as a project for a few of the design team in their spare time.
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    Now I do love the XJ220 but its simple, the Enzo is better it has quicker acceleration, faster top speed and is deffintly a lot better handling car simple because of the fact that it wasn't purpose built foto be the fastest thing in the straights but to be the fastest thing on a circuit and in the corners. The XJ220 probably does have good hanling but it has a 10 year disadvantage.
    Ferrari always make there cars to be as close to the Formula One car as possible such as the F50 and Enzo both beautiful and legendary cars
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    I'll have the Jag thank you.
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    enzo? beautiful? if you say so
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    I've taken better looking craps. (IMO)

    The jaguar is beautiful.. as all jags WERE (pre-ford ownership of course) We'll see what comes of the concepts they claim to be working on, but I don't expect much.

    This car is more rare than the enzo. 272 jags produced, 299 enzo's produced (or going to be)
    At the time of its creation, it was the fastest factory car on the planet.

    The Enzo would tear it a new one on the track, but give it 10 years worth of technology and it would be a very close race. All in all, I would take the jaguar.. now only to get this guy to bequieth me his in his will:
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    Enzo all the way!!
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    are you retarded? they made 349 enzo's and 265 lets see Captain Retardo...NO OTHER SUPERCAR HAS BEEN MADE IN THAT KIND OF VOLUME??? you must have been high when you wrote that man.
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    hey that was a mature, well thought out post wasnt it? theres no need to be vicous about numbers.

    sorry, i was misinformed. anyway for a car this fast and 10 years old 265 is still a lot
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    Can you direct me to a link that would give me a sound of the XJ220. I have never heard it.
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    Enzo prob its a ferrari and well.... the jags not (still like the big jag tho)
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    this, for true
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    Though decision. This is great car (my favorite), but enzo has 10 years technology advantage, so i would go with enzo
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    Very unfair becuase this is 11 years old now, where the Enzo most diffenatly isn't. I think i would go for this as it's far more a classic than the Enzo, the XJ220 has for more than the Enzo has to offer, i think.
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    I would take this over the Enzo.. not sayin the enzo is bad I have just always loved this car.
  22. jag has very smoth line, very fast even by today standers. but it still won't compare to enzo. 12 years in technology is a big leap forward. and all those technology at least most of them is on the enzo. it nails the jag in everyway.
    still xj220 is among one of the best!

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