this or ford escort rs cosworth?

Discussion in '1988 BMW M3 Evolution II' started by Fluchtwagen, Sep 21, 2002.

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    I guess your refering to stock performance of both cars on a track. Then The M3 would be my choice. The M3 has a much better suspension and therefore can tear up corners like no other. If your reffering to when each of them is tuned, who knows? It all depends on the tuner. Both of them could get to outrageous performance marks, but i guess it would be easier for the novice tuner (Adds turbo, new exhaust, and wing (Some people refer to them as rycers)).
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    i would choose the m3 just because of its prestiege
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    cossie for me (only for tuning potential) and also i do not think that this stands out enough and will just be thought of as another m3.....
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    It's funny you say that because the escort cosworth is based on the Sierra Cosworth which murdered the evo m3 (the high hp version) on British saloon and European sedan racing so bad that they banned the Sierra because of its dominance.
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    I would take the Cossy simply because of its uniquness. Both look Great. Both are comparable in performance. Prestige don't mean Jack shit to me unless it is a considerable difference (Kia vs Mercedes). But the Cossy (at least in America) is by FAR more unique than an M3. I have seen 1 Cossy in North America my entire life, I have seen many M3's both old and new, fake and real.

    The only people that would find this car more prestgious than a Cossy are the ones who are not as well rounded of auto enthusiasts. In my own opinion, the Cossy will recive more respect than this specific M3 from true Autoheads.

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