This or Lamborghini Gallardo

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  1. i think their nimbers are the same or very similar,but which has the looks? here are the pics of the gallardo htey looks very similar,huh?
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    I also think they look very similar, but there was a different Lamborghini that was going to come out, i forgot the name, it was either the Gallardo or the other one, but the Gallardo took its place. but there are many differences between the Murcielago and the Gallardo, for one the Engine, and the sides haev obvious differences. but overall they are similar
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    in Europe the price for the Murcielago is € 220 000, the price for the gallardo will cost around € 200 000. without TAV. If you can afford a Lambo at all the most people will buy the Murcielago I think cause the Gallardo will have got 500 BHP, read it in " Autowereld magazine" the dutch counterpart of Motortrend.
    Lamborghini already tried to build a car in the segment where the Ferrari 360 and, equal cars belong. but they falled it( Espade and Jalpa). Also their is really too must resemblance between the Gallardo and the Murcielago.
    Lambo is creating a competitor for the Murcielago. if the Gallardo has got 500 BHP it will be as fast as the Murcielago cause it will put less weight on it due to his smaller shape. and it will be a bit more easier to park I hope.

    but just for me: I' ll take the Murcielago, it just a wild untamable beast.
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    I never did notice the difference on the side....i knew the enginge looks different though(got 1:18 a model of a murcielago in my room)
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    The gallardo could end up looking totally different's still hasn't reached production stages.
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    I think that is a photo shopped image of the Murcielago. You can tell the low beam light were moved under the high beams.
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    This or Lamborghini Gallardo

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    I would prefer Murcielago, because of V12 engine and super-dee-duper exclusive door opening system. It has also a bit better styling. Gallardo looks finished now, it's almost in production, there won't be any bigger changes I think.
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    I like Murcielago better.
    Gallardo is pretty nice, but COME ON, no swing-up doors?
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    I absolutely agree. The swing up doors are what Lamborghinis are all about. Apparantly, the swing up doors are reserved for all the V12 engined lambos and the Gallardo's only got a V8.(still powerful though!)
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    Gallardo's got a V10 and due to having less weight it's nearly quicker than this. But the Sound of the V12 and the doors are surely worth paying more.
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    whoops! you're right. It has got a v10!

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