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  1. Ok, this car is fast, but its not fast enough for me. The F1 beatst in acceleration and top speed. they are the same in the quarter mile. So this or an F1 i would take the McLaren over this so bad it not even funny<!-- Signature -->
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    ok, im going to be strait about this, in a Le Mans race, its up to the better driver, in 1/4 mi. it would be the same, in a strait away, the McLaren would win, but i think i would rather have the GT1 because to me the GT1 is the car ever made, hey PORSCHE PRIDE......
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    The Mclaren is also powered by a BMW V12 6 liter (I beleive) so i hope that it is going to be a little better otherwise i have no pride in being german. The Mclaren also cost um a heck of a lot more that this thats for sure. Dont read the sales prices posted when both cars were sold by factory, veiw what people are paying for. I would take the GT1 any day over the mclaren. This is such a great car( same as the Mclaren) but theres more behind this car. A heritage that is one to none.
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    The GT1 can do 206 mph with the taller optional final-drive ratio and near-horizontal wing settings.And there are only 30 cars. I believe that I would take the Porsche over the Mclaren F1. Now don't get me wrong, you would have great time in both of the cars. The Mclaren does have a BMW engine in it. I do have to say that the Mclaren F1 was never meant to be raced at Le Mans. So for a car that is street legal and to have won Le Mans (1995) is great. Porsche has won Le Mans 16 times, and they have won it 7 times in a row (1981-1987).
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    I prefer the McLaren , much better looking.
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    oh it does does it, then why did it get ***** slapped when it went against it?

    GT1-NO CHEAP DOWNFORCE MAKERS-mclaren=fans sucking@the bottom
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    it got beat because the gtr is not the same as the F! the GTR was meant for pure acceleration 2.1 0-60!!!!!!!!! thats fukin crazy for a modified road car. the gt1 has a higher top speed.

    but if you put these 2 cars on the street, sorry, but the gt1 would get raped.<!-- Signature -->
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    ahh so you never read the road and track review that called the F1 UNWIELDY and AWKWARD
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    a few idiots in here

    The McLaren was MADE FOR LeMans. It was made specifically to LeMans spec.

    Fans sucking at the bottom? Well, if it's legal...

    Oh yeah, obviously the F1 beat all of Porsche's entries in 1995.

    The McLaren f1 and GTR were actually different cars. Suspension setups were entirely different (hence the F1's poor .86G skidpad)

    Sure it's awkward, it has shitty visibility, shitty AC, and you're sitting in the centre of the car, with way too much power. It's a race car for the road. It's not supposed to be practical.<!-- Signature -->
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    I don't know what the hell atman is talking about, the GT1R does have a better top speed, but it only a litle higher.
    Porsche GT1R mclaren gtr
    544 HP 600 HP
    0-60 (3.3) 0-60(2.1)
    top Speed 202MPH Top Speed 197 MPH

    So as you can see, the GT1's speed is not that much higher than the McLaren's. So atman do us all a favor and Shut The **** Up, *****!!!!

    GT1R GTR
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    i'm a HUGE porsche fan!

    but here i'll have to say the McLaren F1...<!-- Signature -->
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    if u read the mclaren book driving ambition, youll find that the mclaren ws made to be a street car and then reluctantly raced (with great success in 1995). but then porsche introduced the GT1 a purebread racecar that upped the stakes to a level that mclaren had never wanted to go, then mercedes took things even farther. mclaren tried to counter with longtail versions, but by 1998 they were completely outclassed as racecars.
    the GT1 is a race car, they built a few with radios & comfy seats just to make it legal for racing. but it is a race car & was never meant to be driven to work by anyone. if your intentions are racing the GT1 is your car, if you want a supercar you can actually drive around by the mclaren. but how many of us really have to make that choice.
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    man i love porsche-a few pics<!-- Signature -->
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    MCLAREN F1<!-- Signature -->
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    I tend to believe that after a certain point, it becomes more about driving ability. After all, we're talking about two cars with top speeds and acceleration times differing only by very small increments. I believe that either of these cars would be great to drive and fun to race, but as for a clear winner, I think that would really come down to the abilities of the drivers themselves.

    Personally, though, I'd pick the Porsche over the McLaren if I was going to buy one. I just like the look better, and I've been a big Porsche fan ever since I got my 1987 911 Turbo.

    But, hey, that's just my opinion.


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