THis or S2000?

Discussion in '2006 Weineck Cobra 780 cui Limited Edition' started by Spyder757, Mar 30, 2006.

  2. NO!!! THE SUBARU 360!!!!
  3. NO!!! THE SUBARU 360!!!!
  4. you retards
  5. hahaha!!!
  6. I see the joke...and it makes me shake my head every time I see it...
  7. why would you want a honda civic SI, subarue or S2000? The engines in those cars make as much torgue as this car's wheel studs require. when are you import guys going to understand, that if you want to go fast you have to have 8 cylinders. being able to turn 8000 RPM's is good, but if you don't have the torgue to back up your horsepower numbers your cars is not going to be able to go fast.

    do you all understand that on every engine dyno in the world, the computers that run them use a mathmaticel calculation that takes torgue times RPM to give you horsepower. also if your dyno read out does not have the torgue and horspower curves crossing at 5252 rpm's then it is calibrated wrong and will give you the wrong numbers. that holds true for chassic and engine dynos.

    almost every race car in the world uses more than 4 cylinders to race with. Nascar, NHRA, IHRA, Formula 1, IRL, baha champ trucks and Indy Racing. the only ones that do not are those crazy guys that run their tiny cars across strange turain in a week long event.
  8. Honda S2000
  9. Don't diss 4 cylinder cars: Bob Norwood, one of America's most famous drag racers and builders once created an Acura Integra drag car with a 4 cylinder engine that produced 3000 hp!

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