This or the 3200GT?

Discussion in '2002 Maserati Coupé GT' started by Operation Ivy 4 Life, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. What's the difference? This car's performance is a little better, but I likethe 3200GT's looks(even though they almost look the same). I can't pick!
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    I think i'd take this over the 3200GT for two reasons. The first being the fact that i like the looks of this car better, and second that this car also has more hp.

    P.S. does anyone know how much hp the maserati trofeo (their race car) has, thanks
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    I think the only dif is the engine.

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    The rear is different..They droped the boomerang lights..But this one looks better anyway..
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    the 3200gt was an inherently flawed vehicle. it still had some of the poor manufcaturing of old maserati attached to it. and its engine plain sucked. the new coupe makes up for all that and is a brilliant little car. my only complaint is the fuxn americans demanded they get rid of the boomerang tail lights. that would be like asking ferrari to ditch the prancing horse.......
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    Wait a sec, i read there are very minor changes to the styling aswell, so yeah.
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    This. I couldn't stand those damn tail lights!

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