This or the Celica Action?

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    RSX. Read on if you care to find out why...

    When I graduate, I'll be looking into buying an S2000. Because I don't know that I'll be able to deal with the 33k price-tag, I've been looking at other, less-expensive cars. The Celica GTS, the RSX A-Spec, the RX-8, etc. I thought the Celica was fun to drive. The shifter felt a bit notchy and vague, and I didn't like the fact that you lost the vvti (or whatever it's called) on the 1-2 shift. I know the S2000 stays in VTEC on that shift, so power is instant. I didn't like having to wait for the kick. Aside from that, the Celica was fun. Then I test-drove the RSX. It wasn't the A-Spec, but a Type-S. No comp. The RSX was like a dumbed-down and grounded S2000. Not as fast or as fun, but right up there. The fit and finish of the interior is first rate, compared to the Celica, and the clutch/trany worked in perfect harmony (I had to work to get the Celica to drive smooth). To top it all off, the RSX had standard leather, bose sound with subwoofer, etc. The price tag on the RSX: 24k and some change. On the Celica (w/o leather, good sound, etc): 27k. The Celica had some nice features added, but none of them compared to the Acura. The Celica did have more leg room (at 6'2", that's important), but the Acura had plenty for me. The headroom was pretty scarse on the Celica. I had to recline the seat quite a bit to fit, but the Acura was great in that dept.

    All things put together, I would pick the RSX Type-S. It's faster, more fun, better interior, and cheaper. It just doesn't have that aggressive look the Celica does so well. The A-Spec is closer to the GTS price range I was looking at, but I would still pick the Acura.

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