This or the G20?

Discussion in '2003 Infiniti G35 Sport Coupe' started by barefoot driver, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. Would you rather have this car or the new G20t? I think I would take the G20, I really like the whole Luxury sport combination though.
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    i would take this rather than the g20. its has more hp and basically looks better. n e one else.
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    I would absolutly and totally easily take the G20 overe this! Oh man the G20!!! the G20 far superior in everyway shape and form! Anyone who would take a 2003 G35 coupe over a 1999 G20 is a crackhead!

    There is no way the G35 can match the awsome force that is G20. 2.0 litre 4 banger fun to 3.5litre 6cylinder sillyness. No competition. 5 speed manual G20 madness against against 6speed manual G35 moronity. And lets not even go to performance! The G35 beat the BMW330i in every performance category! Imagine how well the G20 can do!

    And as for handling! Don't even get me started! The G20 is FWD! How can RWD even match up to that? Yah the Ford SVT Contour beat out the G20 in handling but i'm sure it will dominate the G35.
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    lol your alright. Though I do, have a G20; i wish i couldnt waited longer for the G35 to come out. Those other losers up there dont know what they're talking about...
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    Hmm..i would chose the G35 over the G20 though i wouldnt mind any Infinity. But if i were given the choice of either the G35 or G20..G35 it is..
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    We might as well be comparing the G35 to a yugo. Trust me dude, there is no comparison.
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    Even so, I rather have this then the G20
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    I cant believe what I am hearing. How is the g20 a better car than this? It simply makes no sense. There is no comparison. The g35 sports coupe would smoke the g20
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    Although the G20 is more powerful, I prefere the looks of the G35
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    G35 more luxury more go for about 27k base price.(us)
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    By the way read car magazines. My friend's mom has a G20 and compared to my mom's G35 sedan it's slower than hell. It's also about as cheap and plasticy lookin' as a Corrvette.
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    You are so dumb, I have a G35 my friends mom has a G20 we raced, the G20 lost, it has 180 bhp. This has 280 bhp. This handles better. It is more luxurious, and0-60's in 5.3. 0-100 is 14.5 and it can hit 159 mph. It can have Navigation, Ground effects, you can get it w/ a Super charger, spoiler, and sport suspension and many other things. The G20 0-60 in 8.9, 0-100 in 20.7, and top speed 129 mph.

    You really are dumb.
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    The G20 has no where near the same 280 bhp.
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    u idiot he was being sarcastic.
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    I would definitely take this car simply because it looks better but even moreso it has more hp than the g20.
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    how old are you? how long have u been driving?
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    happy birthday to you!
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    happy birthday to you!

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