This or the Honda Civic Si?

Discussion in '2001 Mitsubishi CZ3 Concept' started by XGlite015, May 28, 2003.

  1. This car and the new honda civic Si hatchback really look alike. I like the location of the shifting stick on the civic si though, kinda like a rally car.
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    there are rumours that a more powerful version of this car may replace the lancer evo or run alongside it. as for the honda i've heard that the gear box has a tendency to well shit itself under heavy use
  3. Re: This or the Honda Civic Si?

    I would take this over a Civic SI anyday. You would probably get more head turns b/c of the fact that there are so many Civic drivers and the fact that this is a concept and I would be driving it on the road, everybody would crowd around this, lol.

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