This or the Vette

Discussion in '2005 Mosler MT900 S' started by RalphCM, Apr 30, 2003.

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    Depends on which Vette....a C5-R? I love the C5-R very much but I think I'd go with the MT900 Mosler.
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    I think the Vette is a much more Sexier car so yeah probably the Vette
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    Well considering they look very much alikeand have clost to the same stat's I would take this. Just because extremily few people have seen one of these. Everyone have seen a vette. Lastly because a chick is going to get into this just because It is something they have not seen before and not as much so with the vette.
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    They don't have anywhere near the same stats, or look alike (IMO). Mosler for me.
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    I would with out a doubt go for the mosler. I love vettes but this car is so sweet.
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    I've always loved Corvette's but this Mosler is something special. Personally I think it should come in 2 versions. The current spec machine with the 5.7L V8 and an upgraded version with the 7.0L (427) Chev V8.

    A practically brand new, undeveloped Mosler MT900R from the British Rollcentre Race Team came 2nd in the 1st ever Bathurst 24hrs here in Australia in 2002. And it completed the last 11 1/2 hours with no clutch. Not a bad effort. Imagine how well it would do with the 427 instead of the 350.
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    There are rumors being thrown around about a twin turbo version, but I think the 427 would be better as well. I've never been much for the whiney sound of turbos.
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    I believe the ACO spec car will have a C5-R engine, to compete in LMGTS.
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    I agree with VMIFerrari-it depends on the Vette.
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    MT900, there are many great Vettes but not that many MT900's thus for the sake of unique my decision is made.
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    The Z06. Better for the money.

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