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  1. Lately I've seen a lot of jap happy people talk shit about how the WRX is the next jap super car. Which one would you pick, no money issue, no tunning up a car, just stock vs.stock. My vote goes out to the cobra because it's faster, plain and simple.
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    I don`t know who you heard that from. The strongest version of the WRX (the STI 22B) is 280HP and they have a weak tranny. Although at almost 1000lbs lighter than the would sure be interesting. The WRX and EVO are also known for their handling, the latter being touted as THE BEST production car in terms of handling in the world. (EVO V and VI that is). would be interesting.
    And I would hope the Mustang is faster for the 10k more they charge for what is basically a 24k car modded up.

    By the way...."jap happy" (nice application of a derogatory term by the way) followed by your sig "judge a car by what it is, not who makes it" is most amusing.

    So what all is in "your" 8sec stang anyway?
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    But we don't have the STI here, so who cares what it does?!? Until we get it (maybe next year?), it really doesn' matter.
    A 24,000 car modded up...? You don't have a clue as to what you are talking about do you?
    The $24,000 car that you are talking about would have to be the mustang gt. Now the cobra is very different from that car, and hardly "modded" up. Some improvements and differences are...
    4 valve dohc 4.6 liter engine
    Forged internals
    6 SPEED
    17x9 inch wheels
    better interior
    Well you get the point, it's not just a modded gt, it is its own car.
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    Almost everything on the car is the same.

    My comparison was in fact based on the issue that the WRX offered in the U.S. IS the base WRX...not the STI and not the 22B. Hence the price being 23k vice 27 or 32. In this case, the Cobra, which is a package option OF the BASE Mustang GT is a Factory Modded Mustang GT. Sorry if you were confused.
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    Yes, as the GT is a different engine group than the standard V6. They are all variances on the same car. The thread starting comparing Ford`s highest model Mustang w/ Subaru`s second lowest Impreza (not Legacy by the way...and Legacy GT`s also have turbo). I was making an effort to compare the two on an equal scale. The WRX should be compared to the GT...The 22B to the Cobra, the V6 to the Impreza..etc, etc.
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    Missunderstood you, thought you were trying to diss the cobra.
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    Hmm.... a Mustang Cobra vs. a about we compare an STI to the GT....see the stupidity?

    I'd opt for the Cobra over the WRX because it is faster, (road handling debatable), I'd opt for the WRX over the GT because it is faster and handles better.

    Now, 300hp, 300lbft, AWD, rally tuned suspension, one of the best transmissions ever put on a stock car (and the STI has actually always had a very durable and powerful transmission, but the North American one will have a far better tranny), a long list of other features including the option of varying AWD power from 60%R/40%F to 45%R/55%F, all the tuning potential of the RS (what with the same larger 2.5 engine and all), will be as fast if not faster than the 2003 Cobra, will handle phenomenally better than the Cobra, Less $$$ than the Cobra. I'll take the stock 2004 STI that will be released this summer thank you very much.

    Nobody ever claimed the WRX is the next jap supercar, though it comes close. And the STI has been one of Japan's best supercars since 1993, so your reasoning is false on both counts.
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    The WRX is a great car, but they can't compare to the Mustang. this car is unreal.
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    Um....what about the 2004 WRX STI? it will be as fast as this (if not faster), handle better, and it will be cheaper.

    Again, in looking at the WRX, you should compare it to the GT, in which case the WRX is far better.
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    well, first off, the current STI has a bit less power and torque than the EVO VIII, but it's 1/4 time is the same and 0-100 time is .1 second slower (4.5 as opposed to 4.4).

    Yes, the STI really is coming to North America (yes, Canada as well as the states), sometime this summer, as a 2004 model. Only this STI we're getting is even better than the J-Spec STI, the J-Spec STI has a 2.0L turbocharged boxer engine that produces 265hp, and 253lbft torque (2002 STI), the STI we're getting has a better drivetrain, transmission, suspension, AND it will have a 2.5 liter turbocharged engine that produces 300hp and 300lbft torque.....I truly feel sorry for those that have already put their money down on on a 2004 EVO (nothing against the EVO, just for a slightly higher price there's something similar, but much better), the reports you've read on the STI have been speculation (speculation of the j-spec STI with more catalytic converters on it, basically), or WRX's modified to have as much power as the STI, but don't have the drivetrain to match that power, the STI is FAR MORE than just the extra power, it's a very finely balanced car to make it go that fast, and handle that well.

    Here's a link for you to refer to (or look at if you don't believe me):

    Hell, even the Legacy B4 that will be sold here in 2004 as a 2005 model will be much better than the WRX we have now (powerwise anyway, might not handle as well, and certainly won't look as good). The relationship between the STI and WRX is about the same as the Civic SI is to the Type-R, or (for an example you'll definitely understand) similar to the relationship between the Camaro SS and the Camaro ZL1, get it?
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    well id take this over a wrx.....but id def love to have the 04 sti
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    Well, you can't really compare this to a WRX. In looks, I think this is a bit bland, but I like this better.
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    I choose the STi over the SVT. I live in Alaska so I need AWD/4WD/FWD for the winter and I just like the style better.
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    The Cobra still has a great deal more potential than the Subaru, despite it being so g-damn heavy....
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    I'll agree with you does need to shed a few pounds. I could only imangine what it could do if it weighed the same as the GT...
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    I'll agree with you there, it does need to shed a few pounds. I could only imagine what it could do if it weighed as much as a GT.
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    "I choose the STi over the SVT. I live in Alaska so I need AWD/4WD/FWD for the winter and I just like the style better."
    -Logical Heretic

    the WRX may have AWD but the styling cannot compare to the Mustang. The Mustang has history and it's look has evolved, looking better and better over time, the WRX looks like your average jap crap.
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    Eye of the beholder....eye of the beholder....
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    I would take the cobra over the wrx in styling anyday (but then again I love the mustangs looks).
    But you are right, the wrx does look great, probably one of the best japanese imports for looks overall. And the 2004 styling change...well they are making it even better (if they can shrink the new wing).
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    Than the WRX yes, but definitely not more potential than the STI.
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    Why not, there are already 600hp+ cobras running around, with stock internals, that's a hell of a lot more potential then the WRX STI will have.
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    LOL and hp is what determines all of a car's potential??? And here I thought it was how fast the car is<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I'd like to see how many times those Cobras spin out on a race track.

    BTW - there have been Special Edition, factory produced STI's that can pull off 3.8sec 0-100km/h...ON DIRT!!! with just over 300hp and about equivalent torque, that's MUCH faster than ANY Mustang could accelerate on Pavement with the same kind of power.

    P.S. I'm not saying the STI has more potential than the Mustang, just being blunt in response to what you said. However, in all honesty it really is tough to say which has more potential for its individual purpose.
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    I was actually talking just about how much HP they could make...not how much track potential they had...?
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    Well, that would be ENGINE potential, not Car potential then wouldn't it?

    Anyway Porsche has already proven on numerous occasions the phenomenal power potential of the Horizontally opposed (Boxer) engine design.

    Nobody has modified an Impreza to extreme levels of power because that would ruin the all-round potential of the car.

    Highest power output (that I know of) from an STI with stock internals - 450hp.

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