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    What are you kidding me? SVT Cobra would wipe the floor with the WRX. My friend has a WRX and it is one of the most overrated cars out there. It has no torque and the handling could be a lot better. SVT Cobra has like 150 more bhp and the wrx is only a 4 cylinder. Its not even a good comparison
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    First of all, nobody ever said the WRX is faster or handles better than this, likewise the ONLY person who made the retarded comparison of the WRX to this is '8 sec stang'.

    However, with a much higher torque and power to weight ratio and superior traction control the STI is just as fast as the SVT Cobra in a straight line, and faster around a track.

    300lbft and 300hp is NOTHING to scoff at, especially considering that's on a car that weighs UNDER 2500lbs and has phenomenal traction control. Throw in a rally tuned suspension, excellent weight distribution, and superior overall development, the STI is FAR from overrated.

    Yet another fool who thinks overall power is more important than a well balanced design with more power for its weight. Note: the STI only has 90 less hp than the SVT Cobra, yet it weighs considerably less. The STI is also faster 0-100km/h, and in the 1/4 (European STI with 265hp is just as fast 0-100, and in the 1/4).

    question for you: would you actually consider the V8 engine in the SVT Cobra better than the H6 engine in the Dauer 962 LeMans??? think carefully before you respond.
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    The STI weighs in at around 3200lbs...not 2500. Also the EVO weighs in at about the same as the STI...
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    The WRX STI is a blindly fast car, Car and Driver tested it, they got 4.4 to 60
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    Are you kidding? That Dauer is "only" a 6 cylinder buddy. This Cobra is an 8... more = better this Cobra will tear any ol Dauer a new hole... this Cobra will beat (in every category) any Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Bugatti, Saleen, Mercedes CLK GTR, B. Engineering Edonis, Hennessey Viper, Lingenfelter Stage 4 Turbo Corvette or whatever weak shit you can throw at it.
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    The WRX is 2800lbs, and from STI themselves "the 2003 STI will be almost 120kg lighter than the WRX..." 120kg is roughly the equivalent of 300lbs, Previous EVO's have been slightly heavier than their STI counterparts.
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    WRONG. The STI is 3000lbs (I was wrong about it weighing in at 3200). But come really think it only weighs in at's f^cking funny...go check out Motor Trend for the weight.
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    Curb Weight as tested by Import Tuner: 3165lbs
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    You're right, I just had a look, though your posted weight is for the Canadian version, the US version is a little bit heavier.

    I've been out of the loop for a little while (minimal internet access during the summer), that projected 2,500 lbs was what the target weight was going to be at the time that I last checked.

    Personally I think the STI should be made as a 2-door coupe again, though only the STI, the WRX should remain a 4-door. Nixing the 2-doors would bring the STI down to an adequate weight.
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    Thanks for the correction.
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    of course its the Canadian version, im Canadian.
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    So am I, I was just pointing that out for all the US guys out there who believe the US is the only place where cars matter, before they jump all over you and accuse you of lying and reducing the weight by 110lbs (US version: 3275lbs).
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    Yeah but you tried to reduce the said weight by around that's a BIG difference, and one that's not true.
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    However one that WAS true based on the original goal set out by Subaru, which isn't "attempting to reduce the weight by about 600lbs", back in May that "600lb reduction" would have been FACT, based on the best information available. So please stop being so touchy, as that above comment did not infer you specifically. Rather it inferred ANY not-open-minded Domestic fans who were contemplating such belligerence.
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    me too
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    We'll see, I'm still looking for an STi to play with and I'll find one, hopefully on a dry day, otherwise it's my a$$. The WRX can't run with me at all, even in the rain.
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    The STi IS a WRX.
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    And the WRX (non-STi version) can run 0-60 in 6.5 on wet pavement, I doubt the SVT Cobra can do that. So, YES it CAN run with you in the rain.
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    Well Mr. Password Please, I ran that tweaked out WRX and won quite handily. I plan to run him again since he's a member of the club and I expect this one to be a bit closer. I don't know if you've driven or raced against a good running '03 Cobra yet, it's a treat. Especially after the car breaks in a bit.
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    I was talking about in the wet. Of course the SVT Cobra would win on dry pavement.
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    "This" anyday of the week, anytime of the year, any year in time. Yes that WRX is a quick car, but lets look at a few things here. One, the WRX uses AWD. This creates a significant advantage in straight line racing, however, its power is not enough to even touch an '03 Cobra. Second, there seems to be an apparent weight advantage too. Lets add 400 pounds to the car, and then race it. Maybe Subaru is trying to say something. Maybe they know they can't touch American Muscle, so they have to imply these tactics to get anywhere close. Nah, Subaru isnt that stupid, they're just going for competition against Mitsu, right? Finally, I'd like to bring up the fact that better weight distribution and a smaller car, make it handle better. Apparently AWD does too. Ford has taken a Muscle car that has poor weight distribution (57/43) and no AWD, and made it handle better than anyone thought it would. IRS or not, that car CAN handle the turns and it WILL. Take that WRX and run it against a 2000 Cobra R in the turns. Cobra R will dominate. Where the Cobra left off on the drag strip, the Cobra R will finish it off on the road course. Keep it AMERICAN.
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    The STi IS a WRX, and the STi's power put to the ground in ratio to its weight is much higher, so yes, its power is more than enough to "touch" a '03 Cobra.

    Part of the reason the WRX is so good, is the fact that its weight is low despite being an AWD, so it would be retarded to add 400lbs to "even out the competition", what, can't Ford produce a lighter mustang?

    I'd like to see the Cobra R and STi on a track, if a Lotus Elise (containing the K20A - a Honda engine) can walk all over a Cobra R in all aspects of performance, then I'm pretty sure an STi can compete quite well against it.
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    Out of curiosity. If both cars...the SVT Cobra and the STI would be modified, what would be the outcome:
    weight reduction
    more power
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    Well, with its engine, the STi would be capable of a max of around 800hp, the SVT around 1000, they would both be about as fast with those power levels, the STi has a lighter, stiffer chassis and an Opposed-4 engine so weight could be reduced more and handling potential is much higher, Traction with an AWD that has 3 LSD's (mechanical and electronic) is much better than it would be for the SVT Cobra (no matter how wide the tires are). The Suspension on the STi requires an inverted layout, so suspension potential on the SVT may be better. Overall, both have a lot of potential, and on pavement would probably be pretty even no matter how thoroughly you modify them.
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    All very very true.

    But the Cobra has the looks.... Cant say the WRX has that, IMO.

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