This really isn't a car forum

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  1. oh stop trying to shelter him it's a shit city
  2. because theyre generally driven by cocks
  3. My cousin Liu is annoying bluetooth man

    Cousin Liu buy Audi A6 2.0 with shiny sport package (but no driver's wife airbag or cigarette dispenser). So now annoying cousin think everybody see he drive car with shiny sport package he really good driver with large penis.

    Is have large rims but quite oval shape after hit kerb in Tianjin traffic. Is have very stiff suspension so Audi China can fit 3 元 Mr.Fong shock elimination device and say is sporty when go 2 second slower around Shanghai track, let alone in real world where road sometimes contain badger hole or pig carcass. If passenger in this car, quite discomfort when after ride have to scoop your teeth from floor.

    He also love send without shirt picture from Hainan so I think maybe you also the type who like to pay many extra 元 for 22" rims to ruin car. Or buy body enhancement package and "M5" sticker for 520d.
  4. Agree with this post
  5. +1
  6. To put things in perspective, this is the most well thought out post that I have read on this site in at least 5 years.
  7. see
    this is why you need to bring back karma
  8. Chris for admin
  9. Holy #$%# an admin post !!
  10. hes a lurker
  11. hes a lurker
  12. lol
  13. I dare say that members are actually too mature to care about cars anymore. We've all grown out of it. It really is a childish thing to care about.
  14. eh, I disagree somewhat. There's nothing wrong with being an enthusiast into adulthood, it's just that as people get older the petty arguments fade away (mostly)

    I suppose teenagers are more likely to be militant fanboys.
  15. you hope. imagine if iron stallion was 35 or something. defending the honor of ferrari against the low-tech aventador that no one would want.
  16. I bet he has a wardrobe full of Ferrari branded clothing, and adenoid problems.
  17. Well obvioursly

    You basically chemical eunuch compare to any raging 15 year jdklingon clone

  18. But having a keen interest isn't "childish", as Wheelman reckons.
  19. i can still get excited about cars, but in a different way i guess.
  20. On certain level yes. Enthusiasm always chirldish compare to nonchalant #$%# all cynicism.

    So what?

    I very buirld interest in good car like Chevy Cruze, can see where is glovebox light, indicator light, woman mirror light, slow movement ass light and warning light and I'm quite proud of it.

    You have "keen interest" in other man penis and have no problem, why have problem like car (as long as not Japan car)? There will always be some gweilo make anal leaking face at your interest, they have nose high in air and think other person lower value like Korean. Wheel man interest in good wine but I know many person who think wine for small girl and pregnant woman drink only.

    Only action is to burn this kind of person with cigarette.

    Also Wheel man only tell 20% truth like America CEO government. You and I both know he take his Crown Victoria quite serioursly and wourld feel quite emasculation happen if drive something like Fiat 500, a car we courld drive with no shame.

  21. woman mirror light
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    I read all of your post and I agree with it, but all I could think of is this:

  23. mild heart attack at this post
  24. oh wow laugh at the foreigner real nice
  25. Yes is for woman who paint face while drive car. Is standard in America?

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