This shoud have been supercar

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  1. 140 horsepower, damm thie should have 300 horsepower!!!!
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    It could have had more hp's, but the emission-regulations in the eighties did not allow it...
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    this was a good car.
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    I agree 100%. I love these cars, ever since my uncle bought a brand new 84 model when I was 10. I've seen some nice ones, I even ran into a red GT that gave my Vette a lot more trouble than I expected. Too bad GM didn't market them properly, or spend enough money and time on development. This car had the potential to become to Pontiac what the Vette is to Chevy or the Viper is to Chrysler, its "halo car".
    I hope they do it right with the Solstice....
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    This cars are great.. I've fallen for them.. I'm looking to buy one right now! If anyones got one for sale near Michigan let me know. I'm intrested!
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    what am I even doing reading this thread? what a waste of time.
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    Riiight... that's why other V6 engines with the same CCs have higher output. Maybe it's just that Pontiac sucks ass.
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    Ouch. Oh well I guess the import guys are entitled to their opinions. But even take a look at that symbol, how it resembles the symbol of the Fiero.

    Alot of people wonder if the Toyota guys got into the 2 seater market after the success of the Fiero, and maybe when things went wrong for the Fiero, Toyota had enough sense not to do the same.

    I love Fieros, spent alot of time working with them and on them. I have seen some MR2's that looked and ran amazing, but I just never got into them. Just seemed like the Fieros ugly cousin, but once again that’s just my opinion.

    Toyota went on to make the MR2 long after the Fiero faded away. Maybe because Toyota has had enough sense in the past to put all their effort into their projects and not simply come up with a good idea and forget to follow through like what happened with the Fiero.

    The goals were set high by Pontiac’s design crews and workers, and no matter how much they loved that little car, the guys up stairs never really saw it.

    If the Fiero was built the way it was suppose to be it would still be around, and would be one of the best cars on the market. But for all those guys out there that have stripped their Fiero down and noted all the goods and bads of the car, you realize that the bads are easily replaced.

    I have been working on a Fiero now for the past three years. Taking away the things I though were sub-standard of the cars potential. The suspension of an 88 is perfect so I started with that, I then upgrade the breaks, changed the rims and tire package, removed the headlights and applied stationary replacements, upgraded the dash and interior, removed the V-6 (although a good motor) and replace it with one of GM's newer more refined units. Move the air intake from the driverside rear panel and install one on the roof, remove the big heavy spolier, and put it all back together. I have decided to finish my car in Caddy look with badging and all the Caddy ques. The car is excellent, and with the 3.8 in the back I would put it up against just about any car. The only down fall of the whole project is when you hop behind the wheel of an old 2M4 and take it around some windy road somewhere. The feel and ability to take tight corners at high speeds is unmatched by any other car from its era. Although the 2M4 is sluggish, it handles better than the V-6 models and any MR2 I have ever come up against.

    So from the dynamics of the car, if someone out there could produce a high output 4 cylinder like the 2.7 that was in the real Pace Car, you could easily show some of these boys a thing or two about that little car from Michigan.

    Anyways, thats all for now

    Take it easy
  11. its called not keep the motor under high stress and using less moving parts. its why the fiero can see 200,000+ miles and a mr2 will find its way into a scrap yard at 150,000.
  12. These things had the front end suspension out of a chevette, not for me. thanks.

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