this skyline sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you have to give the skyline props for its enginnering. the car can handle up to like 1000 horsepower on stock block internals. 1000 is really pressing it but skylines can easily handle about 700-850 with little or no reliablity problems coming from teh stocck internals. it is widely regarded as one of the most tuneable engines available. this espeically holds true when you look at the small displacement and how thick the torque curve is when you modify it. VERY few engines are capable of such feats.
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    American cars should be kinda embarassed in way, the fact that an Inline-6 with 850hp is more reliable then a V8 with 770hp
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    forced induction is a beautiful thing. the ability to handle tons of it is even mroe beautiful.
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    Could you show me some proof of a reliable 850 HP I6, what about the 427TT, that hasn't broken yet.

    Don't give me this sly American cars are inferior to Japanese cars attitude, some of the Japanese cars are designed to be tuned and I think that's really cool, but that doesn't mean that American cars suck. Stock for stock there is probably an American car to match or exceed any Japanese car.

    Please don't anyone come back with any "what a #$%#in idiot" replies, I'd like to keep away from the frontiers of idiocy.
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    american cars do no suck. if you really liked cars and were a performance nuthead, then you would generally appreciate any type of car. anyhow the skyline can make 700ish horsepower reliably. i dont think there's any real reason why the vette can't make it. it has a signifcantly larger engine than the stock vette, lingenfelter is a respected tuner, especially in the corvette circle. i think i remmber them saying they made all the corret necessary adujustmensts to deal with boost. its a pushrod engine that doesn't rev high, so there shouldn't be any problesm with that and lastly, its not dumping out that high of boost, so all in all there shuldn't be a problem .
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    skylines all the way man...lets see...go anywhere in the world and u'll see a skyline...america is probably the only place u'll ever see a corvette deal chix dig it more...i could be cruissing in a skyline while getting head...u could blow right pass me and be alone...#$%# i dont getting my dick sucked man!!
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    What the hell?
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    what the hell.

    i like hte skyline better. but the corvette is a great car and you can't deny that.

    dont be so narrow minded about cars.
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    Yes thank you. As I like to say, some people are just "so blided by loyalty to one company that they just refuse to admit how great another car can be if it's not made by their beloved company." HELL, AND WITH 309HP/L I'LL TAKE ONE OF THOSE FREAKING LITERS!!!!
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    yet teh skyline isn't made anymore and the upcoming skyline looks like its going to be based on the G35/350Z chassis. (if you look on the underside ofh te car, you'll notice a big gap area that could be used for centre differential for awd. i'm pretty disappointed in this....seing as how the skyline was so much more of an original car only to be 'homologated' into this ever increasing genus of 350z. is it just me or do all the new nissan cars look like the 350Z? (infinit coupe, that ugly murango or mango shit suv,....)

    anyhow like i sai the skyline is agreat car, but its not the best.
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    Dog stop hating on the Blitz the ratio on it is set to more top end and the corvette is a good car........... but u wouldnt see me driving it
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    Whoever started this is right!!! Because n e money everybody that actually thinks japenese cars are better then american cars are gonna see this and go nuts. But to bad it can't even compare! This car is useless! You put this up aganst the Camaro ZL1 (which has 80 LESS HP) and the skyline will get ruined!!!
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    Ever hear of gearing? Same HP/equal gearing, the GTR will outrun the camaro simply because it has almost twice the traction.....It doesn't take a physicist to figure it out.
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    this doens't use slicks. the camaro zl1 uses slicks.

    have you ever thought about this: there are a lot of performance nutheads out there. if its so cheap to modify american cars, why is it that whenever i see a quality modified american car, it seems to cost a lot. whatever your reason happens to be, it just happens to be the same for a japanese car.

    your an idiot if you think otherwise. any quality performance car will cost a lot. i dont see people by the droves buying zl1 crate engines.
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    Only an american boy like yourself would a trailer park plastic Corvette.
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    all you americans who think skylines suck, how many of your american cars can do 0-300kmh in 13 seconds flat? if you want proof, please feel free to visit and click on the records page. i think you will find the evidence there. i am looking forward to your replies. oh and when the movies section is back up and running, please download some of the videos.
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    You're stupid as shit loser,it's what .3 sec(zl-1) quicker and that
    makes the skyline a piece of shit?This could hit 2.7sec too maggot
    if not quicker on cheater-slicks like your shitty as zlcrap #$%# you!
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    Nicely said, but the ZL1 is a camaro not a corvette.
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    I agree with your except im 100% sure they tested this on slicks.
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    ALL i have to say is that there will always be a faster car.. so you may always be able to say this car is fast then this car... but its hard 2 find a car that looks as good as this SKYLINE!
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    damn straight.
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    So, at least Corvettes don't need turbos to get good performance.
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    I don't think you can compare a ZL1 to a Blitz Skyline, since the ZL1 Camaro is used for drag racing, while the Blitz Skyline runs through tracks.
    Here's how it goes.
    The ZL1 would murder the Blitz in a straight line, while the Blitz Skyline would destroy the ZL1 in a track.
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    gimme gimme gimme! Blitz is a very respected tuner. Along with spoon, and veilside.

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