this sucker I know......

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  1. Bought an old volkswaken beetle with a fibreglass porsche 356 body on it. That's not so bad but the funny thing is he paid $20,000 for it. He figured he was going to spend an additional $10,000 to put a 200 BHP V6 in it. He felt that doing so would allow him to go out and beat Dodge Vipers in street races. The poor sucker. I really wanted to get into a discussion with him about how putting a 200 hp V6 into an old bug would rip the drivetrain and tires to shreds, and how the car has such short gearing that even if he could keep the tires planted to the ground, a Viper would blast up to 60 mph in 1st gear while he's busy shifting from 1st to second, then to third, then to fourth just to reach 60!!!!!!

    So if he realistically wants to make this thing competitively race a Viper, he'd have to replace the engine, tires, transmission, clutch, suspension and possibly tub it out to fit the bigger tires. That would cost him what.....another 20 over what he paid for it? at least?

    Hands up - who wants to spend $40,000 on an OLD Volkswaken bug that can almost keep up to a Viper? Damn, you can almost buy a used Viper for $40,000 !!!!!
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    LOL...what a retard.

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