this thing is crap

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    if you buy a hummer for the looks, then you belong to the "more money than brains" club. hummers are ugly as hell. the appeal of them is that they are tanks. if you dont know what HMMWV stands for, dont bother responding. its not made for civilians, but what the hell, if i had 70k layin around, i'd buy one. and it wouldn't stay on the freeway either...

    oh and H2 is crap. dont name it after a hummer if its not a tank.
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    Yo I gotta 1974 International Scout II 4x4, tweaked 345, lifted 6 inches, dana gears, gumbo mudders and when I lock the hubs and grab 4 low, watch out...It'll go where ever I need to go and a lotta places I don't.. If it gets stuck which ain't often the Warn will get me goin' again.. I'd like to chain up with one of these yuppie bad boys and just see how bad it really is.. LOL
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    Way to go DiveBomber I have a 76 but its only got the 304 I'd pay good money to watch you drag that yuppie piece around the older one with the combination of strength and being unbreakable was definetly better not to mention the torque of the diesil.
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    Ok..Ok...This is cool. A Hummer that more people can afford and drive. What's wrong with that? I doubt that any mom's are going to shell out $50K+ for one of these when she could get a minivan for her same purposes for less than half the$$$...I love this thing. Is it better than the original? You can't ask that. It's different and meant for different reasons. It's like comparing a Silverado HD to an S-10...It just doens't work like that. (I obviously am not compariong this to an S-10)...This was meant for off-roading and functionality...only not to the extremes like the original. The H1 is a military vehicle that civilians can buy. This gives people a vehicle of their own. I'd love to have one...but I'm only 18, so it might be a few years for me.

    This is sweeeeeet though!!!!!
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    first of all: anyone who thinks this car is ugly, WHO THE **** CARES! IT'S A HUMMER! IT'S NOT GOING FOR STYLE!!!!!!!!!! and don't compare it to the original hummer, that was the military version!! oh god, you stupid people have no minds
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    The only point that i would like to comment on is the fact that people keep calling the military hummer a tank which it is not by far. If I were going to war and I had my choice I would pick the Jeeps that they used in world war II over the hummer. Sure the hummer can go offraoding better, and the jeep had more of a tendency to roll over, but stick a couple of sandbags on the floorboard of a military jeep and you could hit a landmine and as long as you landed on your wheels you could still keep going(albeit at a much reduced pace). If you hit a land mine with a hummer the #$%#er folds in half and 9 times out of 10 your dead instantly.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from DONT TALK SHIT</i>
    <b>TO: Yycloak,

    umm if you're dumb enough to buy a Hummer in the first place, i guess u would be dumb enough to take the piece of shit up to it's roof line through a river (innvention of the moment - the bridge).

    And i would agree that MAJORITY (90%?) of SUVs (as u yanks call 'em) owners only purchases them in the first in order to raise their social standing (a bad trend for the environment). The life of the vehilce will most likely never even mud or snow for that matter. (the 4WD drive is indeed a grand invention, as it has many benefits in motorsports as Lamborghini, Subaru and rally cars have proven) Therefore the concept of mass production of a vehicle that weighs 3 tonnes is not only a waste of petrol but also excess pollution. </b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Your the one talking shit you #$%#wit! A bridge means nothing to a hummer! The whole POINT of buying a Hummer is to take it out for a serious outing of bush bashing and hardcord 4WDing, another thing is that it isn't the Yanks that call SUV's just that!The whole world does, if they are a family 4WD you probably have more chance of hearing someone call it an SUV then a 4WD!Go back into your stupid cardboard box!You talk to much shit for your own good!<!-- Signature -->
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    Yeah, it is kind of a yuppie rig. But still, the reason for the trend to go to ergronomics is because people buy them to quote "up their social status" just like someone said. you cant bash GM for giving the people what they want. as far as off-road capability, do you really think they'd stamp "Hummer" on the side of anything that doesnt do a decent job off the pavement? Then again, which is sooo true, hummer owners dont take them out and use them like they are supposed to be used. i got to drive an older style Hummer once, and Goddamn, you are a God in them. thats for sure. I wouldnt bash the new one till i got to drive one (doubtful as all hell) but maybe they will do a shootout between them or something. Give them a while to work some bugs out. maybe we will see the Vortec 8100 in them or the Duramax, and some different suspension configurations. they might be onto something. Also, check out the Ford forum on the new F-350 Tonka concept. someone actually put it in the same sentace as a Hummer, and whats even more stupid, people think it has more off-road capability. so check it out, and give it a good bashing. <!-- Signature -->
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    I preffer this car over any other hummer<!-- Signature -->
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    not to be an ass, but i still prefer the old school version. why, you ask? it's a vehicle designed for the US gonvernment for driving in the harshest conditions they can think of. i understand the H2 would prolly do pretty well off-road, but its not my style :D.

    oh and for that bloke that said a hummer would kill its occupants in an anti-tank (yes i said anti tank) mine explosion, read this:

    i have another link to a similar story with photos, but it seems i mis-placed it...
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    If you could get your head out of your a@# you would realize the H2 is better in many other ways than the H1. While performing great on road it also has some bad a@# offroad capabilities.Oh and by the way the Ford F-350 Tonka is the uggliest piece of Ford crap I have ever seen and anybody with a level mind knows that anything Ford produces is crap and cant even compare to a chevy.
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    i love this forum. to clear some things up. the orginal hummer was a diesel and you all can deny it but a diesel burns cleaner than gas (petrol) so it was actually more envirnment friendly than this one, and another thing. no a soccer mom is not gonna buy the damn thing herself its gonna be "hoooooooneeeeeey i want thaaaaaaat cause i want to be SAFE in it, you want me to be safe? dont you?"
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    to DiveBomber and IHRocks, I bet your shitty little scouts could pull this H2 around anywhere. did you 2 rocket scientists even know that the H2 only weighs 400 pounds less than the H1. Which puts it over 3 tons..your stupid jacked up scouts couldnt even pull a wheel on this shut up...oh and by the way, if your scouts were so good at offroading why did you put a lift kit on it, you could put a lift kit on anything and it will do great offroad..Hail the H1 which wont even need no weeny lift kit to kick the shit out of your scouts.
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    How can u say this is crap... i just got this car and it is unbeleivable. I dont take mine offroading but it still performs great on road. Personally, i think this is one of the best things GM has ever doen. Before the h2, the h1 made very little money because of its gigantic chasis and very cheap interior (yes i kno h1s were not made for a nice interior) But when the h2 was made, it allowed people to buy a car with the still unbelievable offroading capabilities u would expect from hummer, a leather, spacious interior, and also a more affordable car. Bust all u want about this car but truly it is a beast (with a nice interior. Ooo yeh, this isnt a soccer mom car either, in which u will learn if u ever drive a h2.
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    Look at REAL performance tests dickhead, the original hummer goes 0-60 in about 16 seconds, the h2 is at least 5 seconds faster. And they tested it against the original hummer, and althoughit certainly isnt as good as an h1, it is better than almost any other civilian (factory made) off road vehicle. and 195 horsepower is considered powerful on the original hummer?
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    i got to check out John Mellencamp's H2 when he brought it in to get the wheels changed
    and after a meticulous going over, i'd rather have a military issue...they can drive over a 22" wall from a stand still
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    Umm, i don't know if anyone has thought about this yet...but if gm has the money to redisgn the hummer, why couldn't they just make a new suv with hummer-like characteristics? They seemed to be really happy about this, but if you notice...people are more attracted to a NEW car with NEW characteristics... ie Avalanche, Esclalade.. why not just make a new one without the hummer name? I hope some of this made sense. Good night all.
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    GO back t the military style HUMMERS!!! they rock your socks off!!! it makes me want to say WEEEE AAAA OOOO HHMMMM AAAHHH OOO EEEEE
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    THIS THING IS CRAP...........I though it would be an exterior redesign. NOOOOO..........they had to basically put a Hummer style body on a Suburban chassis. Rear axle is straight, drastically reducing ground clearance. The brakes have been moved to the inside of the wheels making them more accessable to dirt and debris. The engine isnt water tight. The drivetrain has been lowered below the body line, in a REAL Hummer the driver and passengers sat next to the tranny and transfer cases. This thing sucks. Actually it pisses me off.
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    STUPID MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YOU JUST WISH YOU HAD ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hey gamer55 you got balls on your chin!!!!!
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    Same with your mom!
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    Extremely immature little 1st grader just ignore.
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    What a moron showing some great ignorance. This is not crap do you own one, no you will never have the money. And you think all this is bad NOT AT ALL!!! It can climb 16 inch steps, go though 2 foot deep rivers, two-speed electrically controlled full-time 4WD system, capable of reducing the vehicle's gear ratios, low-range throttle progression, Single Wheel traction control system, self-leveling air spring suspension system, extends the tire over the rim of the wheel, triple sidewalls, independent front torsion bar, chassis specially tuned for superior off-road performance, 325HP, and 34 inch tires do you think that's bad not at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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