This thing SHOULD be RWD with an LS1 under the hood

Discussion in '2001 Buick Bengal Concept' started by paganirules, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. GM wants a replacement for the Camaro/Firebird?

    THIS should be it.

    Make it a real four seater, RWD.
    put a 3.8L 200hp V6 under the hood
    offer a 5.7L 310hp LS1 V8.
    (BOTH from the Camaro)

    THEN you have a competitor.

    Oh, so SVT is putting out a SC 380hp Mustang?
    Give the Bengal a 400hp LS6 from teh Z06.

    Of course, you'll then have to upgrade the standard Vette to Z06 power (410hp?). Then up the Z06 to 450hp, naturally aspirated of course.

    GM doesn't even have to make a new engine!!
    They have everything they need, no matter WHAT Ford does with the Mustang! All they have to do, is make a car to go around their current engines!

    Oh yeah, and these are ALL without SC or turbo.<!-- Signature -->

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