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Discussion in '2001 Cunningham C7 Concept' started by DryWorm, Jun 6, 2003.

  1. damn,i swear, if i had 250Gs, i woulda bought this FIRST!!! with 600.0 bhp this baby's gonna be MINE!!!
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    id probably raise $25k more and buy a murcielago

    or buy an nsx and then go on a $150,000 shopping spree
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    this has more hp than a murcielago, has about the same weight, in my opinion, looks better than a murcielago, and costs less. which wud u rather have?
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    id take this
    i like the murcialago
    but this is definatly ncider
    it has better specs
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    all of your are wrong. sorry. the murc owns any car EVER! god i wish i had some cookies to eat
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    btw its only a concept and my civic type r isnt. my type r has 550hp thats almost as much as this but my car is very light b/c it has a V4 so it can smoke this peice of junk
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    thats the most annoying Signature ive ever come across.

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