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  1. I know that GM stopped production of the f-body, but why did they stop the firebird??? It's pontiacs only sports car.

    Chevy has the vette, so why can't pontiac have the bird???<!-- Signature -->
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    Unfortunaly, the higher-ups in GM feel that the F-Body is not a moneymaker, but I would guess that within 5 years we get the 'bird back. Remember, The Camaro is a muscle car, as is the Firebird. The T/A is a sports car
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    It dosn't matter how many 16 year old kids think the f-bodys are cool, GM can't seem to give them away. Think of this for a moment the F-bodys use a bunch of parts that a comparible or the same as that on the vette but they sell for 20k less, that = little profit. Hell the probably make more money on a sunfire! if you have seen some of the concept shows GM is really pushing their sunfires and caviliers with ground effects kits and bolt on blowers i bet they will try to push these cars as the new performance cars for young people. I dont know why people like the new birds they are just a uglier version of the camaro. Give me a 70TA 400 THANK YOU!<!-- Signature -->

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