This truck will dominate when it comes out

Discussion in '1966 Dodge D/Dart Super Stock' started by FordFanatic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. If this truck comes out, which Dodge said it would to much of my delight, it will destroy all trucks, lil japanese cars, and european cars. This truck is just massive. The best thing about it, is that if it does indeed run a 12.9 in a quarter mile, then that will beat a brand new Corvette hardtop or convertible that runs 13.1's and 13.2's in the quarter, that is simply awesome.
  2. Re: This truck will dominate when it comes out

    Yes it will, but do you really think its gonna be easy to put all that power to the ground considering that this still a truck and has no weight in the rear end where all of that torque will be delivered.
    That will be the only problem that i can see with those quarter mile times that are posted.
  3. Re: This truck will dominate when it comes out

    KaNe, how many times have you driven this truck?? Oh that is right NEVER. So how the #$%# do you know it's track manners. Don't assume that it can't get off the line, especially since this truck's suspension has been redesigned to handle the power and nobody has driven it yet so jumping to conclusions is just plain irresponsible.

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