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Discussion in '2002 Ford Focus SVT' started by supercarfreak812, Dec 14, 2002.

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    Thats funny. Why not put the Mini on this website?
    Seems like a lot more people will be pleased.
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    who know's. maybe they just haven't got around to putting it on the site
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    lol this vs mini this car would kill it seriously even when racing too
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    Ever look at any specs for the Mini Cooper S?

    160hp, 155lbft, and it weighs a whole lot less than this, I think it would be a closer match than you claim.
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    i dont think he meant the s but yeah it would he just said mini what kind of mini does he mean the s type or the stocl version with under 100hp see thats my point
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    I dunno which stock Mini you're referring to, but the base model Mini I know of has 120hp.
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    seems like theyre both liked by many
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    well lets just say the focus will overalll win and the mini i dont understand why it is a supercar i mean geez
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    LOL, just wait until it hits the WRC.

    For its time, the original Mini dominated the WRC, in fact it was one of the most successful rally cars ever.
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    see personly id be preaty close for me, i have a zx3 but i love both the SVT and cooper S. the SVT is cheaper, so in a real world situation thats prob what id get, i also think its a slighty better car in tearms of perfomance. the mini looks like a lot of fun though. my only complaint is the 17" wheels and goodyear runflat tires, just seems like a bad combo for a car that size. styling is nice on it though, id def take one
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    I will pick the Focus. Since Mini is an old revival, although now it is a very capable sport car, still it has the punch but I wouldn't think its a sport, but a very fun car to look at. The SVT is more sporty than the Mini, the curve line on the hatch and edge head lamp suggest that. Mini is just now look more refine than the old, but resemblance the same look some how, and I think they are two different type of car. Civic SI will be better comparsion to the Focus SVT.
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    im looking at pics of the focus RS right now. i think you should take a look and see how its really done.

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