This viper or new gt40??????

Discussion in '1998 Dodge Lingenfelter Viper GTS' started by Japan4, Aug 9, 2002.

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    oh ya vipers are awsome..... FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!
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    It blows my mind how stupid and how inane some people can be, "ya, vipers are good... FOR ME TO POOP ON" Chanandaler quoted this or something like this, the least he or she could have done is use a capital or two, and not only in my opinion is this person unbelievably wrong, but they don't even hint about why "Vipers Suck", well pal, they don't, so don't waste my time posting crap like this. I dare Chanandaler to post a reply of a better looking, better performing, better sounding car, I dare him. He or she won't post anything, we all knows this, because he is a pansy. He saw the Fast And The Furious too many times after his mommmy said it was to much, and now he thinks he knows jack about cars. Honestly, dont' waste peoples time. And for the record, this Viper isn't even my favourite.
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    I'd take the viper anyday. In my personal opinion, they stats are close enough to not make to much of a difference. And in my mind the Viper has the style going for it as well.
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    Uh you wrote that the Austin Martin and Jaguar are European Marvels. Maybe you dont know this but they are both American cars owned by the Ford Motor Company.
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    The GT cause its faster and is rarer than the Viper can no one has one.
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    im going with the gt40
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    Your estimation is about 100,000 too high. Its closer to around 120,000. $20,000 Difference they're compairable.
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    The new GT will smoke the Competition Coupe
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    Viper as a daily driver? You cant find a 10 year old viper with 10,000 miles. probably not even 5,000. really dude people never drive them when they own them.
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    No they arent 250k why are you guys make huge assumptions. Theyre probably gonna be less that half that.
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    i agree this is one of the best vipers out there
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    Moter trend puts the est. base price at $147k, so it's a good bit more than a viper.. but most people can't afford either, so who cares. It'll outperform a viper, and besides, it's a GT-40. Think of the heritage.
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    Anyone who would take a Ford over a Viper is not an automotive enthusiast. The heritage belonged to the first GT 40, then Ford said, well we messed up the Thunderbird by bringing it back and jacking up the price, let's give another great legend a bad name. The new one is just the GT because Ford lost rights to the name, its just another one of Ford's pathetic attempts to put a ton of horsepower into an overpriced piece of crap....hey, kind of like mustang, which isn't even worth capitalizing.
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    I certainly think that Lingenfelter is going to make one of the best that there can be. Hennessey is crap. At least with a lingenfelter, if you ask for it you will eventually get it, unlike hennessey.

    But then again, judge a viper from this year after you've driven it. They're not great cars. Powerful, but not great.
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    this is a cool viper!

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