This vs 917/30(1500+hp Model)

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari F2002' started by Clh, Aug 9, 2002.

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    The more nible F2002 would probably win, but it depends on the track.
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    the 917/30 would win in an endurance event, and possibly on tracks with few corners but lots of long straights. but for most tracks, I'd still back the F2002. Braking, Handling are all superior.
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    The F2002 would eat the 917/30 alive. The F2002 has superier acceleration and most likely has a higher skidpad. It's top end speed is less than the Porsche, but on a atraightaway they wouldn't be able to reach the top speed. Maybe if Can-Am was still around today.... the Can Am car might be able to beat the F1 cars since they would have around 2000 horsepower now. You have to remember however that F1 cars also got up to 1500 horses in the mid 80's, ten years after the 917/30. Even if the can am had stayes and the f2002 had more horses like from the 80's.... the F1 would win from Ferrai's superier engineering.

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