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Discussion in '2007 SSC Ultimate Aero TT' started by saleen88, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. The SSC Ultimate Aero TT is more powerful and lighter than the Veyron.
  2. Ya know, this is the first car in the world to laginemently have more than 1000 hp. The Veyron only has 987 American HP. Plus, this has to be at least a bazillion ponds lighter
  3. This is painful to watch. You are both obviously about 7, and have no concept of quality or cohesion, or aerodynamics. Aero is the most important thing about Top Speed, which really doesn't matter jack shit anyways once it's over 230, as a roadcar. Also, cars have had 1000hp + for years, and the Veyron is definetly the first road car to have 1000hp, because in reality it makes 1035 American horsepower as you call it (SAE net), as the 987 number is obtained at 110 degrees fahrenheit.
  4. Just because you say the Veyron was the first production car to have 1000 hp doesn't mean it is better than the SSC Ultimate Aero TT.
  5. No it certaintly doesn't mean that, in and of itself. However, until we see the magazine tests this coming spring, we can't say that either way. However, the build quality of the Veyron is infinitely better than that of the Aero. Don't try and deny that a car with 370 million pounds of development money has better build then a car with less than one tenth of that.
  6. that is so correct! and in performance the veyron is faster in every way, except for top speed (if aero really does 273 mph) and for some reason, i like the veyron more, french cars used to be shit, but i prefer all cars before american cars. say "#$%#ing european" or "#$%#ing swede" but im certan that european cars is the best in the world. period!
  7. How come you say that the Veyron is faster in all aspects except for top speed? Motor Trend tested a Veyron and in the magazine it said it did the 1/4 mile in 10.4 seconds, thats 0.5 seconds slower than the SSC Ultimate Aero TT is supposed to do it in.
  8. Listen, if a car with nearly 1200hp going to the rear wheels pulls a 9.9 quarter on street tires, I'll eat my own cock.
  9. DOT approved Cheater slicks should do it.
  10. The veyron is much more car than this. If you want only power and light weight you put a ultra tuned engine with so much power as you want in a chassi with nothing else, but that isn't a good car. the SSC buitl cuality is shit as is the looking.... and more than 1000HP in a RWD street car with normal tires dosen't make any sense
  11. this cars awsome wit u sayin the veyron is better tho and i thouth buggatti was Italian
  12. Are you talkin rubbish about me playa?!
  13. i allso thought that bugatti was a italian car, but some guy on the telly said that it is french... so im not sure, but i think so...
  14. The company itself originated in Alsace (France), although Ettore Bugatti was born in Milan.
  15. Bugatti is just an Italian name. It's a French company owned by Volkswagen of Germany. Just because a name sounds of certain origin doesn't mean that it is of the suspected origin. Hell, look at Duesenberg, for instance.
  16. Ettore was an Italian gentleman, whos company was based out of France.
  17. HEY SOX: Wow man, quit PMSing, pussy
  18. i want both but the Aero tt looks more pleasing.
  19. Hell yeah!!!! As much as I like America, I think american cars suck ass!!
  20. thanks man!
  21. The bugatti looks better, and is built for luxuary.

    If I was super rich...
    -I want a super-fast car, which i can drive in normally to a certain extent: Bugatti
    -I want a Hyper Performance car, to go quickly: Radical SR9 , Caparo T1 or the new Zonda R (if it turns out well), which can turn well (aerodynamics).

    This car looks like a badly built Diablo, without any aerodynamic assists. If I wanted to go 278mph I'd buy/rent/whatever a plane, because there are no tracks or roads where those speeds could be achieved (safely) (except possibly the ring's straight a runway or a giat oval).
  22. r u sirius??
  23. Considering what the veyron is the SSC should really hit its top speed of 273 or its going to look bad for the guys that make it.
    More power,less weight,less drag..if you cant beat the veyron in a straight line then you look pretty daft.

  24. hey man, the bugatti is a fine, well built car, but so is the aero. to make 1180hp and 961 ft. lbs. from a twin turbo v8 is pretty damn impressive, being that the bugatti has a quad turbo w16, and theres no doubt this car could pull 270, but only because its about 2000lbs lighter. if the aero had a 7speed the the veyron, its could easily do 300+. but i heard that the veyron tests have been completed due to they havent had a big enough space, so the veyron could do 270+. still, the numbers for both cars are pretty close not matter the power or weight difference.
  25. wooow uhh european cars suck... americans cars are all wayyyyyy better

    and the aero would destroy a veryon, they arnt even that cool the turners are scared to race them because they dont know if the "treds" if you will would stay on that 9659287435 pound tank and its just a dirt car i dont like it as well as other euro cars

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