This vs. Caddilac CTS-V

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  1. I feel the only true competition to this car may be the CTS-V

    The Jaguar S type R, BMW M5, Mercedes E55, Audi RS6 are all far more expensive
  2. that is a very nice competition choice. but i go with the cts-v because chevy has so perfectly refined their LS engines.
  3. The CTS-V would slay this on a track, and probably in a straight line too due to the CTS-V's 6-speed manual gearbox, but I would definitely take the 300 SRT-8 any day. So much nicer looking, and with some 22's on it, it would be so pimp.
  4. actually no this is a foolish comparison
    cts V is a midsize sedan and would destroy this

    better off comparing it to the E55 benz and jag stypeR
  5. This because it looks better
  6. You are saying you care about how fast a car is on the track but you would put 22's on any vehicle? LOL.

    But yah I agree the CTS-V would kill this Chrysler, its much lighter and it is actually a "sports" car. The 300C is still a pretty sweet car though, just depends on what you like I guess, but I would take speed (CTS-V).
  7. I don't think you can really compare this two. It's like comparing apples to oranges. The CTS-V is a track car made for pure sport. The SRT-8 is made for really fast crusing, I'm sure if anyone were to drive either of the two they would see they are two total opposite cars
  8. In terms of performance yes... but what about in terms of style and luxury?

    Share your thoughts on that people.
  9. cts-v would own this on the track but like earlier mentioned this car is just made to be a super fast cruizer. i would take this car im not a big fan of the cts at all. plus the 300c is beautiful imo. i also agree that some big rims would look great on this car even though it comes with nice rims to start with.
  10. Thinking about performance, even though I like the 300 better, I'd say the Caddy would be a little faster.

    For luzury and comfort I think that the Caddy would probably win, but only marginally, that would come down to personal preference.

    But if you factor in the price and what each car offers the SRT-8 completely crushes the Caddy in relation to it's cost.
  11. I wouldn't put 22's on any vehicle. I've seen a few 300C's with rims, usually only 20's, and it looks sick. And bigger is usually better when it comes to rims. (come to think of it, bigger is better in most things...)

    I don't really get what you were saying in regards to what I was saying though. I was saying that I would take the SRT-8 even though it would be slower.
  12. Seriously? I think that the 300C SRT-8 could handle a CTS-V on the srtip and on the street. Given that the CTS-V's mill will be changing this year, to about 500 horses, the SRT-8 doesn't stand a chance. On the track, we are looking at too completely different cars. The SRT-8 being more along the lines of an E55 in terms of performance, the CTS-V being more M5 like in most categories.

    It is all a flashback to the late '50s and 1960s when American muscle was cool, and you could get a good deal of it from the dealership. If these battle royales are to continue in this market, I am very excited to see what is next. Caddy is doing well with their V-Series cars, and Chrysler's SRT program is promising (When is the HEMI going in the Crossfire? lol), but I would wait to see how the germans will fire back. The new M5 is cool (I guess), but it no longer is the bad-boy it once was. There is no manual trans, and everything is controled by a computer...Not fun...The CTS-V can actually de-activate the TC and whatnot for serious track performance, a big plus in my book...And, V-10s usually sound like crap anyway. Ill take an OHV V8 over just about any engine out there, unless its the Mercedes 6.5 TT V12...But thats a different story.
  13. im calling bs on this one.

    first off you should know that the ctsv actualy weights in at around 4000lbs, so its not anylighter than the 300.

    you might have a point about tranny differences, and one being a better track car, assuming the 300 has an auto, but the handling and stopping power should be pretty comparable between the two cars. and if the 300 does have a manual, then your point is mute.
  14. I would rather compared it to the E-55, becaus it shared some parts with the mercedes e - class
  15. srt-8 i love orange
  16. like i keep saying the chevy LS v-8s are superior in design.
  17. No. A 4 door saloon with a boot has never been, and will never be a "track car made for pure sport". The closest you'll get to it is a Mitsu Evo RS, but they still get slaughtered by proper "track cars made for pure sport", such as 340Rs, XTR2s, Palmer Jaguars and Radicals.

    As regards this thread, I'm not sure what I'd prefer. The 300C is infinitely better looking than the CTS, and if you're going for a car like this then hard-core sports performance shouldn't be too far up the list, so I'll probably go for that.
  18. Chrysler over Cadillac? You have got to be kidding me. The CTS-V hands down. Just wait until the six litre variant arrives. At that point there should no longer be a debate.
  19. I would take the Cadillac any day. I think the CTS-V is the best 4 door performance car for the money (other than the Evo), and I don't see how the 300C can compete with it. It looks better (in my opinion) performs better, has a manual tranny, and will soon have 500 horsepower. Bye bye, Chrysler.
  20. The LS series are no better than the Hemi. While they are a beautiful engine which I respect greatly, they do not attain the headflow of the hemi. Also, the Hemi is underrated by the factory. Many of the Hemis in 300cs put out 400 at the crank now. This is directly from dodge. These are "ringers", but they are common enough that dodge mentioned it. Back with the head flow. A new 5.7 puts out the same head flow at .375 (stock) lift as an ls6 when the valves are lifted to .7 (almost the limit with a highpo cam). This is infact, within a few percentage points of the highest performance street head one can get for a ls6. One advantage of the ls6 is that in race applications, the ls6 can take a higher compression ratios (with race fuel), but the hemi can still take a 12:1 (well over pump gas limitations) and also takes a supercharger much better, as do all hemi engines.
    Know that I am amazed by both powerplants, but a blatent statement saying one is better than the other deserves reprimand. Both are good at different things, but the hemi is in many ways the better of the 2.

    P.S.- The Ls2 heads don't even fare as well as the ls6 heads, so don't #%[email protected] about me comparing apples to oranges.
  21. I dont know SRT makes sports cars, dont think for a second that they just added some power and thats it, I dont know enough about this car to judge on its track capabilities but from what SRT has done to the previous models I wouldnt be so quik to call this one for the caddy.

    BTW I would rather drive a stock 300 over a CTS-v cuz I hate the new caddy styling but thats just me.
  22. I would definitly but the 300csrt-8 over the Cadillac cts-v. Performance wise there matched up pretty equaly but in a day to day living and list of features comparo the 300c srt-8 got my vote. Th caddy also cost over $10,000 more.
  23. I would definitly buy the 300csrt-8 over the Cadillac cts-v. Performance wise there matched up pretty equaly but in a day to day living and list of features comparo the 300c srt-8 got my vote. The caddy also cost over $10,000 more.
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    Argue it up...

    I would personally take the 300C. It looks a little classier (vs. the CTS-V's athletic edginess) and I'd imagine it'd behave a little better on the highway. Rumor has it the 300C is more nimble than you'd think, with a pretty darn close to perfect weight distribution (55F/45R), beefy wheels and tires, a wide stance, low roofline (in comparison to the width...), a 5.1 inch ground clearance, and four corner independent suspension. Plus you have a set of brakes pulled from the Viper to pull the speed down before you tap into the gobs of big displacement low-end power and stuff the nose through turns. The CTS-V only has .01 g better skidpad grip than the 300C, and is only 200'ish pounds lighter, despite the size difference, which I think is pretty impressive.

    I do like the idea of the CTS-V's 6-speed manual versus the 5 speed auto stick, but they are both plush, porky sedans, so it is kind of expected. I guess sacrifices have to be made somewhere.

    So that's my $.02
  25. The LS2 is overrated. The CTS-V weighs 500 lbs less than the 300C SRT8, has a manual transmission, yet only beats the SRT8 by a 10th in the 1/4???? The 6.1L Hemi is clearly the superior engine.

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