This vs Corvette C6?

Discussion in '2005 Roush Mustang GT' started by JayFabulous, Nov 5, 2004.

  1. i think the vette is better.
  2. the vette is probably faster, considering this car is kinda heavy and roush udually doesn't go overboard with power. still, this car looks MEAN. I love it! the new bodystyle on the mustang is just great.
  3. I like the look of this better then the vette.
  4. It destroys the C6 in looks. Well it looks way better in the pictures. I dunno about performance though.
  5. C6 Vette looks lame in pictures, but it's awesome IRL.. Dont know if this is the same, 'cause the front bumper looks little bit too much 16 years old r!cers wet dream...
  6. ill have to admit that the look and style of the new mustang beats the C6. i never really liked the 4 big tail lights on the vette. i agree that the front end of this thing looks like it would eat a ricer.
  7. oh yea and halo 2 comes out in 12 1/2 hours whoo hoo!
  8. I'd take the C6.
  9. They need to do the same thing to the corvette that they did to the mustang. Major body redesign.
  10. new Mustang yucky. vette satan. GO DEVIL!

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