This vs. CR5?

Discussion in '1997 Chrysler Viper GTS-R' started by koodman, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Im not sure which one would win... it would be a very hard competittion...
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    Well the American LeMans has seen this match up. The Vipers were ahead for most of it, but one broke down and the other was 1st place for a majority (like over 90% of the race) then it lost its lead to the Vette during a turn. However, the C5 is a lot newer than this Viper.
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    It depends when we are talking about. In 2000, the Viper would have handed the Vette its ass, but now it's the other way around.
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    All you'd have to do to make this Viper whoop the newest C5R is put the 2nd Gen Vipers Brambo brakes on it. (ABS) ..97 ft stoppage..........sweeeet
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    this Viper bitchslapped the C5R around for years....the Viper won 3 straight class wins at Lemans, the FIA GT2 championship 2 times, ALMS 2 times(so 4 years in a row because FIA GT class later became known as ALMS) before Chrysler pulled factory support and they stopped racing...oh and the Viper won the overall at the daytona 24hrs in 2000, the first american production car to do so..1 year BEFORE the C5R did it(and the factory vipers were not there when the Vettes did it, but the Vipers did beat the Vettes when they did it)in ALMS the Vipers won every race but 1 which the Vette won and the Viper finished 2nd...

  6. Viper GTS-R is 1 of my fave GT racers behind the DBR9! I wish Dodge (or Fiat) would build a new GT1 Viper! I know theres a GT2 Viper but the engine is too big for GT2 class!
  7. This thing sounds beastly up close <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

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