This vs. Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT

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    Actually yes it does, on cheater slicks (Which are still completely and totally street legal)

    He even told you which magazine tested it, I mean if you wanted to know you could have just looked it up. I don't like the lingenfelter Vette overly much either, but it is as fast as he claimed.

    (and the test vehicle was an automatic too)
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    I don't guys I really like the viper I think it could take this car. Really Bugatti has nothing that Dodge doesn't have. I think the viper could beat this car expesially if yoiu put a really big spoiler on it. A great sound system inside would help alot too. The viper is really good on turns and handling. This veyron can't doesn't have the handling for the power unlike the viper.......seriously who made this comparison
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    You guys can't be serious. A tuned Viper having better handling than the Bugatti? Remember; the guys who are building the Bugatti have a 100 year history of making race cars, financial backing from one of the worlds most profitable car makers, who accidentally also builds the winner of Le Mans for the last few years. It's all about racebreed, class and history vs a converted truck. I'm looking forward to seing tests of the Bugatti so even you stubborn Americans are forced to bow you heads the Bugattis supremacy.

    It's not that I hate America and their cars - you have some excellent cars; the Saleen S7 and the Ford GT (remake of GT40), but they are not in the same league as the Bugatti.

    BTW I've driven a stock Viper and a Ferrari 355 F1 on a track day - and I liked the Ferrari better. Nobody in their right mind would compare the Ferrari 355 with the Bugatti.
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    THIS CAR IS A BEAST.... wheew. this should take the crown of fastest supercar, is one car considered a production car? no so thats the sledgey out, and what about the fred flinstone style mercedes . this is the true fastest stock supercar
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    I think the Veyron is a slow ass piece of shit that wouldn't even compare to the C5 Corvette, and would lick the proverbial blood off the Viper's metaphorical bloody dick after it raped and molested Mercedes brainchild the McLaren F1. American cars are the kings of performance and those who disagree will go to hell and be raped repeatedly by the lord of the damned himself cause everybody knows it's true and those who lie to themselves are just committing the worst sin of all. AMERICAN CARS DOMINATE AND ARE BETTER, FASTER, AND CAN HANDLE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CAR!!!

    And I'm a dumb redneck who is obsessed with NASCAR and think I know the first thing about cars.

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    p.s. I'm lying through my teeth.
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    Umm, I am a Canadian, which means we don't make cars, I think at least... Wellanyways, uhh no the last time I checked, the TVR speed 12 was way louder then any corvette I have ever heard. Aand when you say that all European cars are better then all American cars, you are making yourself look like an idiot, because thats childish. And to me, your opinion instantly becomes ignored. If all they cared about was how loud it is, they would simply remove the muffler. So obviously all you are saying is that your being bias and rediculous. Although, I have to admit I do think the best European sports cars are better then the best American sports cars. Quality, and looks seem better.
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    Actually there's a company in Canada (can't remember what it's called) that's making a supercar.
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    I agree with you. I feel good when seeing realistic and objective comments like yours.
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    on a drag strip i think the viper could take this. the best times ive seen recored for the viper was 9.99 secs in 1/4 mile. and we dont know about this. it could definatly be and upset. best times ive seend recorded for the viper in 0-60 is 2.4 secs. so it also has accel. on the bugatti. on a track the viper could prolly take it to. this thing prolly weighs a tonne. you said it yourselves. "this thing is a beast" and that wat it is. on something like n'ring the viper would win because of handling. unless your talking about one of thoses "exciting" oval race tracks wher car can get up to top speed. then the bugatti would definatly beat the viper. and for all you ppl talkin about the 1000tt its out!
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    buddy wat part of canada are you from? i am from canada and there are tons of canadian super cars. any supercar made by GM is a canadian supercar. GM is from canada. remember? oshawa ontario os the birth place of R.S. Mclaughlin who started GM.
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    o and the 1000tt would hand this thing its ass in a doggy bag in all areas.
    0-60 in 2.2 secs
    0-100 in 5.3 secs
    1/4 mile in 9.8 secs
    top speed of 240 MPH
    breaking 60-0 110 ft
    slalom speed at 75.1 mph.

    yes i do beleive this is the new king of super cars!
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    GM doesn't make cars, remember that. Chevy, Pontiac, ect... are all American. I'm Canadian as well, I would LOVE to find out more about this supercar supposedly made in Canada? Anyone have any info?
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    Thanks for the complimentsfrom all. And I do know that GMC is the same as GM, pretty sure right? Well as it was said earlier, GM is Canadian. But they own all those American companies. Wow this is really confusing, wouldn't that make Chevrolette a Canadian company? I never really put two and two together before and realized that. I am really confused now, anyone have any more info to clear this mess up?
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    GMC is another division under GM that only makes trucks.

    I'm sorry, but GM is not a Canadian company. Saying that since the founder was Canadian means the company is Canadian is somewhat ridiculous. For instance, let's say I (a U.S. citizen) move to Botswana and start a car company there. The headquarters is in Botswana as is most of the production and work force, etc. Is it an American company? Nope. It's a Botswanian (hmm) company because it's based in Botswana. That's my take on it.
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    its the saleen S7 but i am not that sure if its canadian
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    yup chevy, pontiac, cadillac, olsdmobile and buick are all candadian companies
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    actually GM is an Candadian company. started by a candadian in canada. thats why the National Auto motive museum it in my town oshawa. its not the bigest town but it means prolly the most to cars in the world.
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    I think that the Veyron will rape the ass of the 800TT in every type of drag, why?

    -Because it haves more horsepower/torque than this, and weights nearly the same, so it have got more potential.
    -It has AWD, and usefull electronic helps, like the launch control and TCS, that will be alot helpful when using all the power.
    -Doesn't run on slicks, and it still does 300 km/h in less than 14 secs, so it can give us a good reference; but just a temptative one.
    -It has a 7-speed sequential.
    -It is more aerodynamic, -drag=+straight performance.

    So, what do you think about this, do you agree?
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    ok now my turn

    -horse power doenst mean everything. the Mclaren F1 LM only has about 670hp and it does 0-60 in 2.9 and goes like 225 mph topspeed. it porlly weighs much more considering the 922 ft lbs of torque, 6 more cylinders, 4 turbo tanks and luxury interior, all wheel drive train and its overall size.
    - AWD is very helpful in a drag race but the 800tt has over 700hp in the rear wheels alone. ill bet the 1000tt has about 1000+ hp jus in its rear wheels. its got close to 1200hp remeber.
    -slicks a perfectly street legal in every way. but dont quote me on that ive only heard that from about 4 other ppl on this site. the 14 secs to 300kmh is impresive but remeber drag races possibly only last 9 secs with theses 2 cars. 7 speed sequential is very nice but there is no way that ur getting to the 7th speed on a 1/4 mile track.
    - it might be more aerodynamic but the viper is also aerodynamic to.

    no i am not sayin that vipers can destroy anything and everything on the road. i know there is cars that can beat this. not to many. not to many with the 1000tt either.

    - on a track with curves the viper would win. it isnt as heavy and we dont know anything about turning or braking. on a track this could be a total loss.
    -on a drag the viper would won for 2 very important reasons. accelleration and 1/4 mile previous records. 2.4 secs for 0-60 is quite a few more than the bugatti at "estimated" times of 3.0 secs. it could be somewhere in the high threes. and best 1/4 ive seend for the viper is 9.99 secs. we dont know about the bugatti cuz its never been tested. but against the 1000tt it would like i said have its ass handed to it.
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    Well, we won't know until this comes out now will we. I think it's a safe bet though to say that this will handle better than ANY street legal Viper. Have you ever know Bugatti to make a sports car that doesn't handle well? the Viper on the other hand......well suffice it to say that it's questionable that it can be said to have good handling.
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    wat do you mean by any street legal viper. they're all street legal. except for some countries. and the 800tt and 1000tt both have great handling with slalom speed of over 75 mph each.
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    Unfortunately I would have to say the veyron. Although I love american cars down to the end and i would rather have the viper, my money is on the veyron. I am sure you could make a viper faster for cheaper, but one on one the viper would probably lose.
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    mabye. but the 800tt is only runngin on 1psi in its turbos. make that mabye 20 psi and it will produce the same amount of hp and spank the bugatti
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    You have very good points about it. The only thing we can wait for is to the Bugatti to be real tested with all specs included, and the Henneseys also, because they've only been tested shortly, not at 100%.
    For example, I've seen in some mag, that the 800TT, did it faster than 9.99, but it didn't happened on a full road test. That, and many other factors on both cars, just makes me feel impacient about the real stats, and they will be amazing!

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