This vs. Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by Clh, Aug 9, 2002.

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    i would still rather have the viper. looks and absolute speed for a 160k car. that would definatly be a nite time story to the kids living in my 640,000 dollar house with the monsy i saved.
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    Domestics 4 Life:
    I just want to know what you mean by "Canadian Based". When you started talking about GM being Canadian based I thought, "Hmm, could every American that knows anything about cars be wrong that GM is an American company?" I just browsed the GM website to see, and those links are what I came up with. For most car companies anymore, the only way to give them a nationality is to look at where the corporate headquarters are located. So many companies are using suppliers and manufacturing plants all over the world. For example, I think we can all agree that Toyota is a Japanese company, yet the Toyota Tundra (Japanese) is built in the United States. Here's another: Volkswagen is a German company yet they have had a manufacturing plant in Mexico for decades. The new Mini (hard to say whether it's British or German) has it's engine built in Brazil by a joint project between BMW and DaimlerChrysler (that's a weird match up). Many parts used by almost all car manufacturers are made by Nippon Denso, a Japanese company. All I'm saying is that in today's world, the only way to say what country an automaker is from is to check out where the corporate headquarters is located.
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    To all those who say American cars are crap, I have to say that since the mid 1970's, most of our cars have been pretty crappy. Not all have been or are crappy, but they're all getting better.

    To all who say the Viper is a piece of shit, I have to disagree. No, it's not at the same level as Mercedes' or Porsche's or even Honda's build quality, but I wouldn't call it a piece of shit. Unrefined for sure. But isn't that what makes it fun? It's brutal and rough around the edges. It's not something you would drive every day, but it's not a fragile Ferrari or something you are scared to take out on the weekends and drive hard. Now, although I like Vipers I do have to say that the only way the Viper (any Viper) should be compared to the Veyron is by the fun to drive factor.
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    This would RAPE the viper. And this looks 100 times better, and is 100 times better quality-wise...
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    Why does everyone compare the Viper Venom TT to everything?
    anyways back to the topic, i would have to go with the Bugatti. my reasons are that its still not into producation, so if they want to they can alternate some parts, fix it make it faster than the TT by a lot more probably. also i like the interior very much of the BUgatti and the style.
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    ok ok i get wat ur sayin now
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    In my opinion, I think that the Bugatti would beat the Viper around a track. The Viper might win in a 1/4 mile race...but that proves nothing really. The Lingenefleter Vette could beat the Viper around a track and in a 1/4 mile. The vette could beat the Bugatti in a 1/4 mile but not around the track....

    1/4 mile race
    1st place Vette
    2nd place Viper
    3rd place Bugatti

    Road Course race
    1st place Bugatti
    2nd place Vette
    3rd place Viper

    1. Bugatti
    2. Vette
    3. Viper

    Now remember there are lots of other awesome cars out thre...i just used these three since these were commenly mentioned in the previous posts.
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    IGNORANT!!! Yeaht the only thing we care about is if the car is lound what a loser!!!!!
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    Yet again someone who has failed to read about the car yet jus looking at the specs! the bugatti is still yet to be tested. it prolly weighs 4000+ with luxury interior, 7 speed gear box, 900+ ft lbs of torque and a 16 cylinder engine with 4 turbos! plus the viper handles better than alot of lamborghinis and ferraris! i think i will handle better than the bugatti. plus where in the hell is the bugatti gonna get the chance to get up to 250 mph???? its jus not gunna happen on a track, maybe on one of those "exciting" oval track but noton one like the ones used in lemans.
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    again, another thread started by total ignorance. first of all, you are comparing a bonestock supercar with an extremely modified sportscar. you are basing your believes on pre production data and estimates which you guys should know is only to give the world an idea, they mostly are somewhat innaccurate. with the chassis construction of the bugatti being composed of pretty much carbon fibre, aluminum and aerospace metals, i would say that it should way about the same as the 1000 and 800tt. this powerplant has an extremely linear powerband which means tremendous acceleration from low speeds which will translate to great launches. the 3 sec 0-60 estimated sounds very very pesimistic and that number will melt to around 2.4 or 2.5 once magazines will get their hands on the car in the future. i cant believe that ppl still brag about the 1.92 0-60 time of the 427tt. the car is not only super modified but it ran on cheater slicks. sure, they are street legal but i would like to see many other cars that undergo an unfair comparison to this vette to sport the same tires and then be dragged. for those who think this car will not handle please think again. bugatti will release this car as a supercar and not a gt car. the last supercar that came out of the bugatti stable was the eb110 and that handled just fine, better than most supercars of its time. bugatti, with vw's help is trying to make a comeback with a boom with this car and it will achieve that. excpect this car to become an instant legend.
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    To bad the 800TT is faster moron!!!!!!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!!!
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    No the top speed of the viper is 235MPH!!!!!!!!!!!! And the 0-60 on the viper is faster!!!!!!! HA HA!!!!!
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    YOU IGNORANT CHILD!!!!! YES the lingenfelter vette can hit 60 in under 2 seconds which is a lot faster than this!!!!!!! And its not impossible seeeing as dragsters can hit 325MPH in 5 seconds!!!!! And the lingenfelter vette IS FASTER THAN THIS CAR ITS THE TRUTH (exept top speed which in a drag race you wont be going that fast)!!!!! It can hit 100MPH in 4 seconds!!!!!!! I guess your eureopean car just got SMOKED!!!!!!!
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    I agree!
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    Bugatti is all i have to say, i have my reasons in my previous post the second one not the first
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    Those Dragsters arent street legal.
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    I dont know why you people keep bringing up the Dodge Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT when its under federal investigation, apparently if any of you didn't know, the 800TT reliability is in the dumps, if you drive it more then 150 km on it without having any kinda engine problems, I would be really surprised

    Now you say which track would you get up to 250 mph? Whats the name of the that track in F1, In Germany, I think you would be able to get to 250 on that track, even better, on the Air Canada track here in Montreal or maybe even better, the F1 track in Italy

    Now, the weight for the Bugatti shouldn't really be a problem, considering it has 1000 hp and 900 ft lbs of torque

    Now you say that the Viper handles better then Lamborghinis and Ferraris, When it comes to braking, Who do you think is gonna have it? Ferrari of course and in terms of overall performance, Lamborghini and Ferrari will without a shout of a doubt finish on top of the Viper

    I dont know if you ever heard of this show, but its Called Motorweek, They tested the Ferrari 360 Spider, Porsche 911 Gt2, MB S55 AMG And the Viper Str-10, Guess who came last, The Viper and you know what, its an American show, If you we're gonna compare the Bugatti to an American car, You could of at least bring up the Z06 which has much more respect then your Viper

    Anyhow I think that this car is out of Vipers class, just like the rest of people that have sence in these forums, dont compare the Viper to everything, espicially to Europeon beauty like the Bugatti
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    Well said!
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    yes it does. it has a w16!!
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    Your an ignorant child of course, comparing a track car to Dragster, ok compare to a dragster, Godzilla, it does 0-60 in 1.3 if I remember correctly and does the 1/4 in 9.3 at 145 mph, correct me if im wrong anyone

    And again, maybe the lingenfelter might win on the drag strip but in the overall performance, it will suck ballz, just like the Viper SRT-10
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    ok here we go. the 800tt is not under federal investigation the tuner of the car is john hennessey, why would the car be under investigation did it rob a bank? ever heard of dodges 7 year 70,000 mile warrenty now why would they make something like that for a race car but fail to realize that if it goes over 150kmh than it would break down... maybe its the closed minded fool who thinks the vipers reliability is "in the dumps". for being able to get up to 250 mph on a track with lots of turns like a track that would be used in lemans would be imposible. maybe, its possible but only for a fraction of a second before you would have to brake and make a turn. and it would have to be a really long stretch of road because the viper can do a 1/4mile at 137 mph. and that a 1/4 mile it would take about a half mile of road to get up to 250 mph and thats at the vipers acceleration not at the bugattis. why would a 16 cylinder 900ft lbs of torque, luxury iterior 4WD drive traine not have an affect on the cars weight?? while ferraris and lamborghinis are known to have outstanding handling and braking above all other cars in the world then why is it a "bonestock" 2003 "crappy" SRT/10 viper carry out stats like a skid pad of 1.15 g's and brakin from 60-0 in UNDER 100ft??? no i have not heard of motor week but please show me a stat board or a webisite that gives this information. now lemme ask you do you think that a Z06 can compare to the 16/4 veyron? know whos the ignorant child. ppl like me compare the viper to everything because it can compare to everything... on the track and on the drag strip.
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    You think I dont know that John Hennessey is, I consider it the same thing.

    Yeah I know that Dodge has a 7 year 70 000 mile warranty, but I think the companies that have the most years warranty are usually the cars with less reliability like top reliability cars like Honda and Toyota, they only have 2 or 3 year waranty on their cars maybe because their customers know that they wont be buying a piece of shit that wont break down in a couple days

    Again, you make yourself stupid, I clearly said 150 KM as in the distance not km/h as in the speed

    It wouldn't have an affect why? because if has AWD and it has way more power then the little Viper

    And yea sure I do think that the 2003 Viper SRT-10 is crappy

    And its people like you that destroy Forums around here, comparing everything to the Zo6 or Viper, its like comparing a #%$get to a lesbien, you cant neither of them to screw eachother in that case its kinda like if im saying Japs are made for track racing, Domestics for drag strip and Euro for luxury
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    so you think that cars with less of a reliability warranty will last longer than cars with more of a reliability warranty? so i guess that make every car dodge has made is a liability because they are basically wasting money when they say the 7 year 70,000 mile warrenty and they cant deliver, or maybe its beacuse the DO! if they are willing to give the 7 year 70,00 mile warranty then why wouldnt they make sure that it will last. because if they dont then they are jus giving away cars in a sense. when was the last time you heard of a honda or toyota lastin 50 years without beaing wrecked. i could show you a few dodges still in mint around my neighbourhodd. it was my mistake about the 150km thing but still they make the cars to do that because they can do that. do you own a dodge? do you know first hand that it cant last? its still a bigger drive train means more weight, wat dont you get about that? and ya sure i think all skylines are crappy and i dont like the bugatti either but i dont think its crappy.
    ppl like me comparing everything to the ZO6 or viper. who created this post??? was it me??? i only came on hear because someone said the the bugatti could beat it on a track and i simply dont think that's is true. we dont know its never been tested. some one also said that vipers cant turn and are shit and that they wont last a day. thats also why i replied. how is it comparing a #%$ to a les? the bugatti is the #%$ and the vipers a les? you expect them to #$%# each other? and ya it is kinda like sayin Japs for track domestics for drag racin and euros for luxo cept its more like japs for... nuffin, dometics for drag and track and euro for track.
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    I'll just make this brief.

    "Yeah I know that Dodge has a 7 year 70 000 mile warranty, but I think the companies that have the most years warranty are usually the cars with less reliability"

    Sorry, but a statement like that holds about as much respect as "American cars suck cause they're ummm American". Face it, Dodge would NEVER release a car that wouldn't last, on a warranty that stretched over half a decade. They would go bankrupt in a year or two doing that, seeing they would see absolutely no profit on any cars sold, and would lose all chance of repeat customers. Yet they're still around, guess why.

    And yes, the weight of the Veyron will surely hamper it's track ability. Longer braking distances, faster brake wear, not to mention the obvious that if the 1000hp has 4000lbs of car to push, it won't be too great around a track.

    Elaborate, WHY do you think the SRT-10 is crappy?
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    Hmmm, First off Honda and Toyota havnt even been around for 50 years yet and i know many places where you can find 1969 Skylines in perfect condition

    You can sure go ahead and think that the Skylines are crappy, but dont forget, a STANDARD in other words STOCK skyline had better lap times then a 1996 Viper GTS in Nurbugring

    I never said you created this forum did I? And many many times i've heard it many times, people saying the its hard to turn with a Viper on the hairpin turn because its scary to floor the petal because of the excessif torque

    Japs for nothing? oh please, if they we're for nothing, their sales record wouldn't be over any American or Europeon company like it is now would it

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