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  1. Well, I had the privelege to drive both (each only for about 5-10 minutes....probably closer to 5, but covered the distance I ordinarily would have in 10 lol) this past year, STi in April, EVO in July.

    This is definitely faster (of course....), rear end of EVO had too much body roll, felt like the front-end was working against the rear, this had very mild understeer when you don't hit the brake at the right point....quickly compensated accustomed to it by my 3rd hard turn. For the most part, steering is pretty much neutral in this. EVO was a bit more nimble for entering the turn, but that rear end always felt like I was working against it, significantly slowed down through corners after initial turn-in. Probably could have gotten used to it had I had more time to drive it. But for the time that I had, this was faster, this handled better, and this was more fun.
  2. I happen to own one of these fine auto-carriages (hohhoh)

    Naw, really, I've got one, and have put 21,000 miles on the old girl in less than a year. It's been a #$%#ing blast so far, but the guys in my pissant town here in Arkansas who have Evo 8's generally just tool around one of the campuses and show off the few hundred pounds of speakers in the trunk to everyone within earshot of a carbomb.

    Dickheads, naturally, and none of them will ever face me on the road. Shit, I even waited at a green light for one a month or so ago, but the tool just motored past at about thirty or so.

    Now, there was one guy in Little Rock who was endowed with a man-sizes set of balls. We had about thirty seconds of green-flag racing through the car-choked streets of Little Rock. I'd had about three beer at The Lobster, and I knew that courage would probably overwhelm my skill if the madness continued, but I did learn that the Evo definitely has very similar accelleration. I'd like to say that I gained on him, but he'd probably say the same when I was ahead. Now, one of these days I intend to put on my leather shoes and shit and shine up the ole Sti and try to get an aggressive test drive in an Evo, but I think I'm stuck with ole Dax (my car's named after Dax Riggs, a frontman who was so aggressively EVIL that he almost glowed at night). There's someting I like about the sound of a Boxer engine that I don't think an inline can replicate. And also, a transversely mounted front engine seems so... pedestrian. There's something about this configuration that puts a taint on any car to me.

    We must speak now of handling, the greatest of a car's riches, but not, as one would think, easy to describe.
    Ole Dax understeers, as testified by my Bridgstones, which were as bald as shaved beaver up front within 15,000 miles. It understeers, but in 2nd gear the tail can be provoked by an attentive driver with gigantic genitals. Someone with truly colossal reproductive organs can slide the car in 3rd on a public road, but this means provoking a powerful, stiffly sprung car on the mean old public highway at over 45 or so. I've done it twice.

    No, second gear is the gear to play with, and the AWD system makes the car very predictable while you've got your toe dipped into the throttle's honey-hole. Step off, and you're probably #$%#ed; sliding ass-first into the forest or oncoming traffic; total paralysis; eyes closed and dreading worse things than your own death.

    ugly, ugly, and no fun to anyone except the coroner or the priest. But if you'r testicles have receded for the night, the car struggles to make rapid progress smootly, preferring to claw and leap through tighter corners rather than flow, as say, a 1981 Mercedes 380 Sl would. (I drove one for four years and still kiss it passionately on the fender when I visit it at my parent's house; amazing car that handled like a gracefully aged but vengeful goddess)

    And it understeers. There is no throttle modulation like you might expect from a RWD car, instead the throttle likes to slide the car as a unit, the front wheels usually drifting more than the rear, unless you really push, and by this I mean pushing into the dangerous outer edges of what should be expected of the God of the Public Road to send you. An oncoming vehicle at the wrong time would be very hard to miss...

    I drive a piece of absolute shit pickup for my construction-materials delivery job, and it can be pitched into a corner and drifted like it was a #$%#ing Supra or something, the long wheelbase makes corrections lazy enough that I sometimes get lost pondering my improbably concsiousness in the face of a cold and uncaring universe before I realize that in another ten seconds or so, I may need to add another quarter-turn of lock before this thing spins... It's a pantload of fun, and I love the thing enough to buy one of my own maybe.

    No such fun in the Subaru. You enter any possible drift with the same mindset Evel Knievel must have had before being launched sideways into the Snake River Gorge. "I might make it, or I might not... the odds are impossible to calculate."

    #$%#ing with the differential settings does little except change the steering feel slightly, and make heart-stopping crashing noises is you turn sharply after accidentally leaving it in "lock" after coming off gravel or snow.

    The car is very, very, fast, and I'd go into detail for another 300,000 words, but tonight is Saturday Night, and I've got to get Totally Smashed on expensive whisky and try to #$%# something.

    Firebird WS-6'd cut the balls of this 4-banger-ryccahe-cooker-piece of economy shit and I hate the very blood that runs through the veins of the panty-pissing fools who own one to the extent that I wouldn't even drink it. WS-6 is KING SUB-SATAN #1 Fo' LYFE MOTHA#$%#AZZZZZZZZ.
  3. Well, I already got smashed, already #$%#'d something, she's lying in bed panting, unable to move a muscle, now I'm looking for something to do so here I am, posting once again on this god-forsaken forum.

    liked the story, it's what we need here, however I think you're making it all up, afterall, if you like the WS-6 so much, why didn't you just get the damn TA instead of this? It would have been cheaper afterall.

    If you own one, then how come you didn't figure out that a wee bit of left foot braking, or simply braking hard at the start of a turn would correct the understeer problem? I figured it out after driving it for just two minutes.

    Yeah, it's typical of an AWD, understeer at first when you're giving it throttle (hence why you can't control a drift with the throttle), a few moments of entirely neutral steer, then massive oversteer, hit the brake at the right time, give it throttle, and you'll be able to control your drift perfectly using the throttle as you would a RWD (I didn't have time to progress to the point where I could try that with it, but considering how reminiscent it is of other AWD's, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if that is how it behaves). Unlike some more traditional AWD's the STi has a FWD power bias, so it will likely get more understeer, but then, this simply means FWD characteristics apply, i.e. laying on the brakes harder at the start of a turn, left-foot-braking, etc.

    This is considerably faster than the EVO 8 , by nearly 3/4 of a second in the 1/4.

    This is also nearly a full second faster than the WS-6 in best possible acceleration, so either you weren't driving very well, or you're lying, that's the bottom line.
  4. i'm not trying to bash the sti but you claim that it's almost a second faster than the ws6 in the 1/4 mile. the ws6 can do it in 13.5 to 13.6 in NOT the best of conditions. so according to you the sti runs 12.5 or 12.6 in the 1/4. the 2003 cobra's best time is a 12.667 and an sti is not quicker in the 1/4 than the cobra.
  5. 12.8 is typical of an STi, I've seen times as quick as 12.5.

    As for the Cobra, it's pretty much equal with the STi in the 1/4, 12.8 is the most average time for both the SVT Cobra and STi, both are capable of quicker times, both often get slower times, but the bottom line is they both pretty much run 12.8 on average.

    If we're talking about the Firebird, then yes, I can see 13.5 when not pushed, if we're talking about the Camaro, then I find it unlikely. Dunno why, but even though they have the exact same setup, seems the Firebird typically gets better times.
  6. the sti ver.8 is faster than the evo8. am i correct?
  7. 12.5 seconds in the 1/4 mile? That sounds a little optimistic.

    Needless to say, wonderful car. Lucky duck whom got to drive this bad girl.

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