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Discussion in '2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT' started by Bluey, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. This Ferrari Enzo has just came to Australia...
    and guess how much it costs...Aus$2 000 000!

    correct me if i'm wrong but is that not a complete rip off!
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    this is what i could find for the enzo
    because some ppl say that the 800TT gets its' performance #'s on slicks, i'll compare this to the Venom 650R.

    ferrari enzo: (estimated times)
    0-60 mph: 3.6 sec
    0-100 mph: 6.3 sec
    Quarter Mile: 11.0 sec
    Top Speed: 217 mph

    0-60 mph: 3.3 sec
    0-100 mph: 7.1 sec
    Quarter Mile: 10.47 sec @ 132 mph
    Top Speed: 215 mph

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    this also looks betta!
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    The Enzo and a 800TT each have their strengths, but arent meant to compete against each other. The Enzo is more refined, and would beat the 800TT on any track with turns. The Enzo will outhandle and outbrake the Hennessey, but neither is really what the viper is meant for. The 800TT is designed to push you back in the seat as hard as possible, the mission of most any viper. The Enzo is also going to put a much larger dent in the bank account, assuming you can find one, which is going to be nearly impossible with only 349 going up for sale.
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    and this costs AUS$1 500 000 cheaper...?
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    Yo bluey seen any flying pigs lately??
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    The Enzo kills the 800TT on the track, the only place where real performance is tested.
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    please, post some evidence that the Enzo would kill the 800tt(considering it hasn't been tested)
    actually, these cars really can't be compared because the Enzo hasn't been tested, and if you did compared the cars, it would just be one' opinion vs. anothers'
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    i think that the viper has better stats but i would rather have the ferrari enzo
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    Flyin' pigs are all over
    u just gotta look closely.
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    Don't brag about the Vipers top speed because it's an estimate.
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    those types of cars are made to be expensive.
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    Lol. 2 000 000 isint 'expensive' its more like 'I've gotta sell my house, and kids, and I'll be in debt forever' lol. In my opinion I would much rather take a viper, but the enzo isint a bad car.
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    true it's an estimate(so maybe it can go faster!)
    but the enzo's top speed is also an estimate
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    funny, cuz where i test performance is at a redlight, and the guy next to me thinks that his rYced up civic can whoop my car. so i show him what my car can do. That's how I TEST PERFORMANCE.
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    The enzo is based upon actual track racing F1 cars, and the 800TT just has 2 turbos in it and somemore goodies, it wont help it with laptimes, and if you did the same to this ferrari, then they would truly have comparable engines, and we all know the enzo wpuld wip
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    Okay, in a drag stip the Viper is most likley to win, but in a track the Enzo is going to win. The Enzo probably could race for a long time keeping it's engine cool.
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    the 800tt is based on the viper GTS, and its racing version the GTS-R (like F1 cars) has won Lemans 4 years in a row.
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    and why are cars like the enzo made to be so expenseive...
    is it cause Ferrari like to rip off their customers...
    or maybe cause they only want rich ppl to drive them...
    no wait...its because Ferrari's are #$%#in' rip offs!
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    of course all the enzos have been sold cuz all the rich people want a is a lot more well known than Hennessy and if the name Hennessy was as popular as the name ferrari, i bet a lot more people would buy 800TTs over enzos
  21. Re: This vs Ferrari Enzo Hennessey's know for rippin' off his customers!
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    hey bluey, in your last you mean ferrari is rippin off their customers, cuz thats what you said before
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    ok, both cars rip you off (if you bought one)
    the ferrari costs $500,000, which is a rip off considerig its' performance.
    The 800TT is a good buy at $167,000 but you'd be lucky to get one because hennessey rips off his customers.
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    how does hennessy rip off its customers?
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    the car isn't a rip off, it gets great performance for what it costs.
    But Mr. Hennessey rips off his customers by either selling car parts off a customers car, or not working on some cars and taking the customers money. I think he's being sued or something.

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