This vs Ferrari Enzo

Discussion in '2000 Hennessey Viper Venom 800TT' started by Bluey, Oct 27, 2002.

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    That supra has never been tested.
    But i would say the 800TT:
    2.4 to 60
    9.92 in 1/4
    (street tires)
    3.21 to 60
    10.71 in 1/4
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    still that is 1 sexy Supra, same with the AB-Flug Supra!
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    yet people say that the japs make shit cars...
    it's like there bart of the KKK!
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    so people who say American cars are made poorly are morons to? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    im asian and im not the biggest fan of jap cars unlike a lot of asians i appreciate all cars for what they are and what they were made to do u cant compare a neon to a viper and say the neon is shit it actually does a good job of what is supposed to do.
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    The neon actually does a good job of what is supposed to do.

    agree on that...i think those Neon's r pretty sweet!
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    Has anyone seen the video of a modded neon blowing away a viper on a drag strip? Neons can be quite good if they are done up right.
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    yes i have seen that vid it was a pro street neon completly stripped to just under 1800lbs pushing a 800hp tiwn turbo kit with just over 30psi boost and miles away from being street legal id like to c that neon race John Lingenfelters Cavi now that will b a race to see but lets not get carried away here i might be tempted to bring some of the 2500+hp pro street vipers into this but the point is there is no comparison between a lot of cars people often compare.
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    The Viper 800tt and Ferrari Enzo are both great cars. But if I had to choose between them I'd take the Enzo.
    The reason, I don't care how fast you make a Viper, a Ferrari is a Ferrari. There's just something about owning a Ferrari that separates it from all other cars (maybe not Lamborghini).
    Ferrari=perfection. Perfection does not need to be modified.
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    i only like the F1 ferraris but even then i like the Mclarens more...
    plus there's that Aussie Webber guy for Jaguar...
    oh god damn i forget what i was 'spose 2 b gettin' 2...?

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