This vs Ferrari FXX

Discussion in '2000 TVR Cerbera Speed 12' started by saleen88, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. Which one do you like better?
  2. Well, the FXX makes an insane noise, and its fast.

    The Speed 12 makes an insaner noise, is probably just as fast given slicks, and its just brutal! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/grin.gif"></A>

    I'll take the Speed 12.
  3. On a track the FXX would likely anhialate this, at least in the production car trim. As it is after the 2004 re-build with the GT racers bodywork the Speed 12 stands a chance. Provided you fit it with slicks. the FXX is race car, it is not just a souped up Enzo, it's much more technical than that. The speed 12 would probably lose out even with slicks and the current bodywork, I don't think there's any way to put 960bhp down to the rear wheels effectively without spining them like a #%[email protected] with no traction control, even with slick tyres on. The FXX has, traction control, it'd be so much more easier to use the power on that thing. But, despite that, I would still go the Speed 12, it's a much more desireable car. And it was very recently sold on e-bay for �155,000.
  4. Cebera Speed 12 the hole way.
  5. FXX wins. I like this car but it can't compete with the super enzo
  6. this car takes out any car ive seen yet. i kno im new at this but still this car is pimp!!!!!!!!!!!

    speed 12 all the way
  7. i think the enzo would win.i mean i like the speed 12 better but the enzo is made for racing.
  8. This car would have no chance aganist the FXX (let alone the new FXX Evoluzione) on a track. The FXX is a beautifully designed and purposefully focused racecar with slick tires, the world's fastest gearbox this side of F1, and an advanced, F1-inspired system of undertrays and wings that give it unrivaled downforce. The Speed 12 is nothing more than a huge engine attached to a tired, old, and dated cerbera GT chassis. It should not be taken any more seriously than the 1600 hp supra tuners that every teenager dreams of building in his garage, and it certainly doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the magnificent masterpiece of engineering and passion that is the FXX.
  9. Well spoken. I agree completely. The Speed 12 may be brutal, but the FXX is just...vicious.
  10. Well if GT4 as anything say about it, maybe just maybe depending on how you set up the Cerbera Speed 12 just might stand a good chance, BUT not a definite chance at keeping its presence known with either the FXX or the FXX Evoluzione. Here's some ways maybe:

    Adding a Weight Blaist of 40 ibs. in the back.
    Adding either a Ohlins or D2 Racing custom adj. coilover f/r suspension.
    Adding Carbon Ceramic Composite Brakes f/r with f/r adj. brake bias.
    Upgrading the chassis a little bit, perhaps putting it on a chassis rotisserie and replacing OEM chassis pieces with that of carbon ceramic and aerospace frame pieces.

    Now mind you this is just speculation gathered from tenuous GT4 game play, to learn the Speed 12s driving behavior and characteristics around Circuit De La Surthe without the chicanes on the Mulsanne straight.
  11. WTFH is the thing on the back?! Tvr ment to make it look COOL, not make it look like it have a BIG FAT BUTT
  12. the speed 12 is by far the more worth it one at 245,000, but the fxx i s a more focused track car, but is 1,875,000
  13. Id go with the TVR considering with a a twin screw supercharger the thing can reach, as ive seen, about 251 mph and has a faster acceleration rate. Im only 15 years old and even i know all this stuff. Admit it, the TVR is a Road King. :I

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