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Discussion in '2005 Edo MC12 R' started by MooSquad, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. Flame/vote/discuss/kthx
  2. FXX= not road legal and ugly
  3. I'd take the FXX for now, but when Edo get's done with it I'm sure my opinion will change.
  4. the standerd enzo has to same 0-60 but the fxx has 800bhp which is 100 more than the mc12r
  5. i think there both fairly evenly matched cars off the line, but like someone said obove me, that the FXX isent road legal so its the MC12 for me
  6. no shit sherlock.
  7. no shit sherlock.
  8. no shit sherlock.
  9. hmmmmm a tuned MC12 which is the ENZO's beautiful sister, or Enzo ugly ass bashed with a 2x4 metal rod, and uglified beyond any form of comprehension retarded brother.......hmmmmmmmmm
  10. this, cause its the most beautiful car ever, except for the original MC12, i dont like their paint job, well, its really just a stripe... but i dont like it.
  11. FXX will put this car back in its place. It is lighter and has about 200 more hp
  12. FXX will put this car back in its place. It is lighter and has about 200 more hp
  13. The FXX is so much better!
  14. The FXX puts this car to shame both in looks and performance!
  15. The FXX would obviously rape this on a track, but it isn't road legal. Edge to MC Hammer.
  16. like evo said 'the enzo is fast enough'
  19. True, but Edo wants to put this car on a diet and replace the rear wing with something more aerodynamically suited.
  20. FXX is ugly... Rather perfer MC12
  22. 60% doesn't care about if a car's road legal or not. Interesting, to say the least.
  23. The FXX may be "ugly," but at the same time, it's brutal. I'd take the over the top fxx anyday. It has a large aerodynamic advantage, slicks, telemetry, more power, still probably better suspension and brakes, a weight advantage, on and on (I know it's not street legal). I am in fact a McLaren LM lover, I wonder what would happen if someone tuned one of those.
  24. fxx is ugly in compairison and transmission was not made to take more power than standard enzo anyway

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