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  1. I think all these cars are fast when drivin properly but overall i think the Viper would lay the smack down on both the F430 and Gallardo. It is capable of beating both in a dragrace i don't know about a track though.

    what do you all think

  2. I'm going to eliminate the Lambo right off the bat, cuz I'm pretty sure the 430 can take that (as long as you replace those michelins with some softer pirellis). Its a tough decision between the Viper and the F430 though. I might have to give the edge to the Ferrari because of faster shifting with the paddles. Depends a lot on the course. If it has a lot of straights, Viper hands down. If it is very very tight, your guess is as good as mine.
  3. Viper's don't steer and handle like Ferraris. The Viper is a muscle car, and no worse for that may I add. Why can't anyone get that in their heads?

    The Dodge has enough grip and power to stay with an F430 for example but you don't get the feel, the rush, the precision the Fezza gives.
  4. My friends neighbor has a GTSR btw, just found out yesterday <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A> He has 2 other vipers and a vette ZO6
  5. Ferraris engineers had there F430 suspension reworked durring the test on Road&Track. Otherwise the Gallardo would smoke a F430.

    It would come down to the Viper vs Gallardo V-10 vs V-10 and the Viper would beat a Gallardo in a straight line no problem. However around the track the Viper loses because it weighs more than the Gallardo. Also the driver but lets just say both of them are equally matched.
  6. I think the order would be Viper then F430 then Gallardo. The Viper is fastest, or at least tied with the F430 in acceleration. Handling is the Viper's strong point. It turns tighter and is eadier to drive. The F430 is more a track car than the Gallardo, so it takes second.
  7. This is a retarded comparison. Anyone with half a brain is going to choose the Gallardo or F430.
  8. Thats one lousy half a brain if they dont consider a car just as good if not better for half the price.
    Maybe that guy should get a whole brain so he knows to get the Viper.
  9. Oh please. I'd way rather have a fine piece of Italian automotive art then a glorified and bloated charger.
  10. the viper has more power and speed than both the ferrari and the gallardo the only place the two other machines would outshine it was on a race course but in overall speed the viper wins
  11. I'd rather have a fine piece of American automotive art than a glorified and bloated 355.

    But seriously, the Ferrari and Gallardo are not superior to the Viper on a track, and that definately includes cornering heavy tracks. And the Viper is such a car for the driver, as are the other two. Some people just don't get it. An F430 is an Italian Viper, and the Viper is an American F430. And they are both completely equal. But I'd take the Viper anyday.

  12. nobody asked for your retarded awsner.
  13. 430 easy
  14. 430 easy
  15. vipers can make faster track times than lambos if they have a good driver.vipers handling bad is a myth started by a bunch of exotic loving fruitcakes thats never have sex
  17. F430>>>>>>>>Gallardo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Viper.
  18. Taken as a driving experience, the Viper simply does not match the F430. Hell, it doesn't even match the Z06.
  19. You have it all wrong, Vette will handle the worst of the three (unless its an 07), that's the first thing.

    The Viper is more stable than, or at least as stable as, F430, its tires supply more lateral grip, and its suspension fights oversteer (probably a bit too well since it understeers some).

    F430 may have the feel, but that doesn't make it any faster. If the F430 manages to go faster around a track, it isn't by much.
  20. wow , how many crackheads do we have in this forum.on the track, the viper handles the best, and on the straightaway, dont even compare italian cars to an american muscle car. more torque, more horsepower, faster acceleration, and a higher, ELECTRONICLY LIMITED top speed, you would have to have down syndrome to pick an italian exotic over this

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