This Vs. Geo

Discussion in '1996 Opel Calibra V6 4x4' started by Keanumon, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. What car would win?<!-- Signature -->
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    Its hard to say... This thing pulls more HP than the metro i think. But the geo has a bigger engine.....

    Oh God, why am i actually comparing a frogster and a geo?<!-- Signature -->
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    geo Metro LSi
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    that has 75 hp not 55
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    LOL exactly... why even bothering compare, who would want to watch the race LOL Geo though hahaha
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    in a race, geo, but i would rather drive this then a geo, it looks way better, and i would guess it's not as crappie.
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    um...i believe it was a joke.
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    geo's have way more hp than this. my friends geo storm can beat an integra gsr. i know it sounds dumb, but its true. his car is stock with the exception of a k&n filter. they only weighed 2100 and had a turbocharged 190hp engine....i'm jsut saying.
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  10. Neither would win. They both suck. This might actually be the worst car on this entire site!

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