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    240, you are only talking about acceleration. lets talk about something other than a straightaway please.
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    It all depends on the track. Four-Wheel Drive cars are naturally shite when heavy-handling is the name of the game. The problem is, this damned thing would catch right up to a McLaren in an, even, mild straightaway. If the track is heavy on handling, the McLaren would eat this damned thing for breakfast, if there are a lot of straightaways, the Skyline would eat the McLaren for breakfast.

    Something you Skyline nuts need to remember is stock vs. modified or, in this case, HEAVILY modified, is not a fair comparison. What would you Skyline nuts say to me bringing up the 2,400bhp Vipers that are street-legal in France (I think it was)? Or the 1,600bhp Vipers that are street-legal in the UK? It's not fair for me to say that those Vipers will slay a stock car on a track (and don't kid yourself, even if the false rumors that say the Viper can't handle worth a lick were true, no amount handling will make up for that acceleration difference).

    McLaren guys need to know that the McLarens that were sold couldn't go ANYWHERE near 240mph. I think there were models that could, but the ones that were sold went something like 215-225mph. So using that 240mph top-speed isn't very fair, either.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The only car that has more exagerated performance numbers than the McLaren is the Skyline.

    And to the entire 2,750lb-ft of torque and 1,200bhp. Sure. Reaches peak power at what? 2,400RPM? And with that much torque, what's it take to reach that RPM? A fiftieth of a second or so? So either you are an idiot, misinformed, or, for whatever reason, they used a steam engine. Which brings up an entire plethora of problems on it's own. So let's just stick with the first two.
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    Oh, and the Pearl Harbor crap. There are several ways to look at that situation. All but one shows the world's powers were in the wrong as much as, if not more, than Japan. Learn about the history from the everyone's standpoint and you'll understand. And no, this isn't stated out of anger since I thought the Pearl Harbor post was rather funny. I'm just encouraging people to read up on it from the Japanese and Brittish perspectives, rather than watching that piece-of-shite movie "Pearl Harbor." I only know as much as I do about Pearl Harbor because a Japanese family member bombing Pearl Harbor and two Spanish family members were defending it.

    But that doesn't matter because the first attack was not the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. It was an American battleship sinking a Japanese miniature-sub AT Pearl Harbor. The bombing capaign was launched something like 6 hours AFTER that sinking.
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    Canadians still can't get over the fact that not all Americans are like that. Well, most non-Americans can't get over it, but it seems especially like that with Canadians. 99% of Canadians give the rest a bad name.

    And our cars don't suck. That's a matter of opinion.
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  6. Mclaren F1 already own it.
  7. Impossible to compare really on drag strip skyline would win. On circuit Mclaren would the skylines 1000bhp is to much on a track. But really why compare to seperate cars built for two diffrenet reasons
  8. good call

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