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Discussion in '2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette' started by JaguarX, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Mustang 6.3L 700 HP 550 ft lbs of torque
    2550 lbs
    max speed 200+
    0-60 under 4 secs
    1/4 mile in 10 seconds at 135 MPH
    Granted this Vette, has a better high speed.
    However, in all other retrospects, the ford model vehicle wins.
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    Thats A lot of power for a light car, it must beat this vette since it weighs nearly 780lbs lighter and has more power.
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    i would just like to piont out the fact that your signiture is inacurate, jaguar is an american car company owned by Ford, and the lingenfelter 427 Cid tt would shred that mustang like it wasnt there(0-60 in 1.9, 1/4 in 9.2 at 150.08), though the lingenfelter would make mince meat out of the mustang i do still like the stang, The mustang,corvette,viper,and gt40 are the four best cars ever created, interesting how there all american cars huh?
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    What a lame comparison. A mustang trans am? Is that even a car? And if you're car has better specs like you say, then why would you compare it?
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    The Mustang that he is referring to is a pure racing machine, the Jaguar Trans AM XKR, which has a Mustang engine and driveline in it.
    They competed in the GTS class alongside the Dodge Viper, Saleen S7 & Porsche GT1. The trans-Am he is referring to, ran in 2002 to take the class win at the 24 Hours of Daytona. Even though that is not a good comparison because one is a racing car and the other is a street car, are you going to believe that a street car can out gun a race car? Ignorance is a bliss
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    I really wouldn't care.
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    "i would just like to piont out the fact that your signiture is inacurate, jaguar is an american car company owned by Ford, "

    no Jaguar is a British car company owned by Ford.
    and as for the comparison anything straight upto 150mph the race trans am and round a track the trans am but on top end or on a speedway the lingenfelter
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    Yes, it does. They're not in a partership, like Daimler-Chrysler, Ford owns 100% of the stock in Jaguar, just like Volvo. Just like AMC was bought out by Chrysler years ago - the designs of Jaguar may have started British, but the cars are now a Ford creation. Plant workers are paid by Ford. Cars are produced here by Ford, just like in Great Brittain - by Ford. Says Ford on their uniforms. Says "made by Ford" on the engine blocks. Sorry.
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    the designs of jag are still British its not ford designers the cars dont come out of the factory with the focus , there are parts in the jag made by german companies dont mean its german does it. and if they are fords why dont they put a blue oval on them? as no one would buy it. but ghink if ford has cars like that it would make people think they were a good company, anyway u shouldn be too happy as ever since ford have had it jags have been getting worse.
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    No one buys Blue Ovals, huh?

    Ford Mustang - best selling continually produced car EVER.

    Ford Model T - second place.

    Ford F-series pickup - best selling truck IN THE WORLD going on 18 years now.

    Guess what - there's a blue oval stamped on the engine block of that Jag, probably in the door jam as well. The design may be a British design by origin, but the new ones have Ford's great truck-and-car-selling hands all over them.
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    i think what Impreza was trying to say was that if the Jaguar had a ford badge on it, but still cost the same as a Jag, no one would buy it...which is a valid point.

    Jaguar makes its own engines, their 3.5 V8 and 4.2 V8 are jaguar-designed and made, not used by any other ford. The 2.5 and 3.0 V6s are jaguar-modified version of Ford engines, yes, but the Aston Martins V12 is cosworth-designed and made, hence totally british (except for who's paying for it)

    the '04 Lincoln Conti will therefore have a british engine
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    Aston Martin is now Ford also, correct?

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Cosworth is Ford's British-based European automotive department. That's why those Cosworth FWD off-road racers look like Ford Fouses. Atleast, that's what I thought...

    I'm pretty sure, though.
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    yup, Aston is ford, and yet has a bespoke engine

    cosworth was always an independent company, who did work for big manufacturers, like Ford, Mercedes and Audi. Theyre owned by Ford now but still totally British.

    Fords euro-design department is called Ford-Europe, based in germany, they design and make the Focus/Mondeo/Fiesta (little car) etc

    what offroad racer are u talking about?...the rally car? that doesnt look like a Focus, it IS a focus
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    Very well, there you go.
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    yeah that was what i was trying to point out ,

    "Ford Mustang - best selling continually produced car EVER"
    um no matey that would be the Toyota Corolla!
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    What the hell are you smoking? Ford sold 1,000,000 Mustangs in the first year and a half of production. The ONLY automible that has sold more is the Volkswagon Beetle, and that's including all beetle production since it's inception (early 40's, I want to say?), but they stopped production for a long time.

    Toyota Corolla? Where the HELL did you get that?
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    toyota corolla was the worlds best selling car for several years in the 90s at least, over 2,000,000 per year.

    Dunno about all-time records, except the Beetle
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    trust me its the corolla
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    Any stock vette of from 1960 and on could smoke Almost ANY mustang (key word almost), im not too fimiliar with the sats of the earlier vettes or mustangs but you if you ford fans (or ne body for that matter) think most any mustangs VS any 1960+ stock corvette is reasonable race then your follow up is comprised of personal opion and abig ego. I'll admit that in a few cases it is a good challenge.and even in fewer cases will it beat the corvette. but then again comparing the best of the best of Ford's mustang models/concepts VS any 1960+ stock corvette isnt really a good comparison... but when about 80% of all models can be beat by a stock model of their rival thats just sad... if u compare the top of the line mustang against the top of the line Corvette you will find the mustang about halfway around the track when the corvette has completed its first lap...

    One thing.... Its the driver that wins the race, not the car. if u put someone that cant drive a stick behind the wheel of the fastest manual trans circuit car (which is ironically a vette!!!!!) and another who can drive either fairly well in a golf cart the chances the preson in the corvette will lose is pretty good... but if the persons gets it in first gear then well.... need i say more...
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    not very well said but hey ho,
    good example as in the last race of the FIA European GT Team Lister's main driver (possibly jamie campbelll walter) started on the second row, by the time he handed over to the other driver he had a lead of over 1 minute! (this is against vipers so thats a pretty amazing accomplishment), the second driver and I can never remember his name, dropped from this lead to over 1 minute behind (into fourth), next driver change Campbell Walter back in he clawed bak about 20 seconds but finished 3rd, this meant that lister lost the championship by less than 2 points (ouch!)
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    Hobbes, the Mustang was designed by Iacocca in 1963 to provide a balanced, popular vehicle for the masses and families after the baby boom of the 50's.

    The Corvette was designed as a high-end sports car to always deliver performance. Of COURSE 80% of Corvette models will beat Mustangs - 80% of MUSTANG models aren't meant for high performance at all, and never to compete with a Corvette.

    But if you want an example, the 375 horsepower 1967 Mustang GT390 outperforms the 325-horse 1967 Corvette 327, that's a Mustang vs. any Corvette. Sorry.

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