This vs. Saleen S7!

Discussion in '2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 SE' started by kav, Dec 6, 2003.

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    this is nice
    but s7 all da way
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    s7 of course
    the s7 can almost keep up with the enzo
    the 2001 diablo looks cool though
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    italian all the way
  4. Re: This vs. Saleen S7! saleen s7 i would on then hit it with a FORD TRUNK then leave on the rail road let the train hit it. Let some roachs infeston it then burn it! lamborghinis are real supercars not some ford powred wanna be gt40 trying to take the spot light away from lambo. If the saleen s7 had a real deal engine like a viper v10 from hennsey maybe the would a match. saleen anit and so are mustangs a lamborghini with nos would kill them both since the s7 has a supercharger.why not nos in a lamborghini. SO SALEEN THATS RIGHT FUC>K THEM!
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    the saleen is no question faster, you'de better beleive it becuase no one likes lambo's more than me, which is why i would rather take the diablo, oh , and if the diablo had a superchargers like the s7 does, the diablo would smoke this thing
  6. Like The Gemballa..twin turbo engine with 750 HP and 255 MPH is better.

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