This vs. Skyline Gt-r V-spec??

Discussion in '1995 Renault Espace F1 Concept' started by koodman, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. It would be fun to whatch... :D
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    Are you retarded? this is an F1 car with a different body, a skyline? HA! best joke i've heard in the last 10 minutes (not funny coz its just sad)
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    Not a massive bike fan myself but your signature thing is a bit odd, bikers dont know fast till they drive a supercar?!? Please explain the misguided logic behind that statement.
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    bikes can actually woop a rycer car easily.. i have downloaded too many videos to recognize that.
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    Bikes ARE fast, bike DO accelerate fast, but bikes cant take curves for sh*t. And bike can lose control easily, bikes can't match a car's time on a track, theres no way they can.
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    U kidding?? a bike would rip a race car (except for formula 1 cars)on the track any day!!U read through any mag that has tested cars and bikes together and you will see that a bike is at least 2-4 secs faster around a track than a car.
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    I think it would actually win drivin backwards...
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    punch it on a suzuki hayabusa or a ducati 999s then you'll know what fast is.
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    "a bike would rip a race car (except for formula 1 cars)"

    Bullshit... There are some fast bikes out there (namely MotoGP ones) but Formula One cars are hardly the only type of race car to best a bike... pretty much anything with downforce and not too much weight will gut your best bikes any day of the week. You're trying to tell us that a late 1990's IMSA GTP car couldn't beat a bike because it's not a F1? Not even close.

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    my moneys on the bikes. the acceleration alone is going to tear you apart in the short straights and its gonna hang with you on the long straights as well. a bike creats instant power, theres no lag on a hyabusa. I think the only reason you think rycers are faster on a track is because when you were young you always used training wheels! Now like the guy said, a bikes not beating an F1 car... they freaking have four huge slicks! lol.
  12. The top bikes can beat a lot of cars round average tracks, the more twisty the track, the less chance the bike has of winning, if the track is too fast, then the bike will accelerate ahead, then lose out when the car catches in speed and carries on accelerating. It has to be the right track for a bike to race a car on. On top of that, I did see a lap comparison between a Ducatti 999and a Mosler MT900, and the Mosler won, that wa at Anglesey.
  13. There is a youtube video in which top gear stages this epic duel on a neutral track. The bike is a race-modified Yamaha R-1 (the fastest track bike in the world). The car is only 2 yr. old porsche 911 (standard model)!!! No where near the fastest car in the world!

    Result: The car owned. Any decent supercar will smoke any bike around a real world circuit.
    Imagine what would've happened to the poor biker if the car had been an Ultima GTR 720! He would have been lapped XDXD

  14. It's a commmon misconception that bikes are faster than cars. Watch the showdown on Top Gear. A Yamaha R1 (fastest streetbike in the world) vs. a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 (nowhere near the fastest car in the world). Car won. The bike is much faster off the line (0-60 in 3.2 seconds vs. 5.2 for the 911) because of its power-to-weight ratio. In braking/cornering, however, the car owns because it has four big tires instead of two skinny ones: much more grip. Keep this in mind: there are cars that can do 0-60 faster than the R1. For example, the Ultima GTR 720 can do it in 2.6 seconds! Also, cars have a higher top speed, so that would come into play on a track with a long straight (like the 'ring). If a 911 C4 can beat the world's best bike, then no bike stands a chance against a trackday monster like the Caparo T1 or Radical SR8 (or even an everday supercar like the Ferrari F430 for that matter).


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