This vs. Speed 12

Discussion in '1994 Jaguar XJ220 S TWR' started by kirbyzook, Aug 14, 2003.

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    This will never beat the speed twelve, NEVER!
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    depends in wat kind of race
  3. It won't win any kind of race against the Speed 12, the Speed 12 is faster in every way.
  4. I know that the Speed Twelve is one of the hardest cars to handle, but i think the XJ220 also has a poor feel to it. Correct me if im wrong
  5. The XJ 220 was the handling benchmark of its time.
  6. Depends. Drag race or a course with no real corners TVR Speed 12. As for a real track, XJ220 I'm sure as it was designed to handle. Plus, if it were an endurance race, I'm sure the TVR would have to pit to keep refueling and changing tires..haha...harnessing that much HP is insane.

    Other thing is TVR is not known for reliability..haha
  7. i put money on the xj the car was ment to handle. and from gran turismo 4 it is actualy a pretty good car accept for the price. speed 12 is a tvr and all of tvrs ar made for looks and noise
  8. the tvr would out up a great fight but the jag should win unless a monkey is driving
  9. except for getting the monster started
  10. I'd choose XJ220 any day.

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