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  1. skyline wins in a 400m beacuse only of its take off its has better traction but tha supra will make a burnout @ taking off from a stop.why dont they race @60 mph and above or for a 1000m.the supra would win bcause it has a better topend speed.
  2. aw mi gawd

    this would kill 99.99% of supras. 2wd vs. 4wd? not to mention the small matter of 500hp? and last time i checked, the supra didnt pull 210-odd miles an hour. you tool
  3. ok a car with a engine on 2 wheel drive revs easily or a engine on a 4wd transmission??i have seen a video (getaway in stockholm) the 450hp supra reaches easily 320 km/h.and u could do that only for a 1400$
  4. The only reason why supras will win 90% of the time is because they are awsome in drag racing other wise you put this and the Skyline around the track a few times and watch what happens and i bet the supra gets raped.
  5. ABflug Supra... look it up...
  6. y0, vv)-(Y j00 even c0mp4r3 this shit to the 4lmighty supra?

    Jeez... my first trip into the indies in a few months, this is pathetic...
  7. Hahaha, that was a Porsche you fool. Don't EVER mix a Supra up with a Porsche 911.
  8. hahaha WHAT???
    no that wasnt a porsche 911 kid.that was a supra.the film maker itself says it a supra and it writes supra vs escort and i know the difference between a supra and a porsche u fool.
  9. Well wile the supra makes speed, the skyline is long gone!
  10. a moron as usual.
  11. I hate you all...except for z28Vette and Powered By NOs
  12. this aint a stock skyline so vs a stock supra of course it would win but if the supra was modded then it would be different
  13. this aint a stock skyline so vs a stock supra of course it would win but if the supra was modded then it would be different plus we dont know half the skylines stats SINCE THEY DON'T MAKE IT IN THE U.S.!
  14. Anyone who who thing a supra would win over a skyline is saddily mistaken because a skyline would smoke a supra like a joint. Anyways supra are one of the very few cars thats between lowend and topend power which makes it not good really at anything but drifting. Also skylines are better at that to.
  15. top-end speed can be easily solved by changing the gear ratios (provided the engine has enough power), i doubt a stock supra can max out in 1000m

    seriously guys, WHAT supra? this thread hinges on this all-important question.
  16. Lol Skyline r34s are better in drifting and topend speed than a supra?
  17. 1/4 mile? Supra. Drift? Supra. Power? Supra. The long run? Oh well, Skyline could, however, also depends if Skyline's gearbox will last

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