This vs. Supra Twin Turbo 1/4 mile

Discussion in '2008 Chrysler Concept 'Cuda' started by WhiteChocolateWorld, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Still not better than the japanese I say, Supra wins by 20 feet maybe 30 depending on wheelspin which american cars are horrible at.

    Also check out my supra it has about 700 horse power to the crank just estimate bc dont have a dino but I walked a 5.0 who had 600 so I figur about 700. Im not done with the mods though yet, looking for a better drift setup I might get signed pretty soon so I wanna be prepared.
  2. Let's start with the blatantly obvious: those pictures of the supra aaren't the same.

    Second: Any car suffers from wheelspin if theres enough power and not all big-power cars are great in a drag race. You can have 1000hp but if you break your driveshaft when you drop it into first, then you're not going anywhere.
  3. First of all joe bob from alabama, my car was in different stages in the photos thats why there differnt sizes. I do many races like auto x, drifting, grip racing, and high speed races on highways (closed courses). so nice try

    second: american cars cant handle so whenever theres a turn then you lose to the porschas and ferraris and supras and skylines and even volvos lol. supras have been racing forever, i dunno if you've seen any movies in the last few years but im pretty sure supras and imports are all over wile your preshious little 'cuda has only been on the dukes of hazard.

  4. Owned...that's cute. You can't even spell "Porsche"...or "while". The truth is that anyone who has ever actually built a twin-turbo Supra properly doesn't waste their time on here running their mouth (especially not 29000+ posts' worth). Quit filling server space with this sort of stuff.
  5. op is a #%$, liar and retard. quarter mile means nothing, and your "SUPRA" is also very real and surely yours. Don't waste everyone's time and become an hero
  6. stop lying and become an hero
  7. Too much NFS. Come back to the real world before it's too late.
  8. First of all theres no nead to be disrespectful you gay piece of #$%#. This was a good discushion until you came in here jeilious because your only time driving a supra is behind a playstation. Quarter mile is a good guager of grip and straight line accelleration and if you cant hold it through the launch then how you gonna hold it through the twisties, kid? Let me know when u get your lisence then we can talk cars.

    btw, you guys are gonna love to hear that I walked all over a z06 last weekend at a 60 mph roll. Ha, not so tough now?

    And yes that supra is mine RETARD ill take more pics after my camera gets back form the shop b/c it's broken.
  9. Awsome Supra, man. Don't listen to this idiots. Are you really from Ohio? I'm from Columbus, maybe you can give me a ride.
  10. I do have to question why anyone with the know-how and finances to properly build a Supra is spending their time on here...and has 29,000+ posts.
  11. Do we have to go into the whole biased ordeal here? American cars can't handle? Explain to me the C6 Corvette then. How does it outperform Porche 911 and the Ferrari F360? Obviously, it's gotta have some great handling for that. Secondly, there's a bit of bias against Asian cars going on in here. When will people grow up and accept that other countries besides the ones they like can also make great cars? Lastly...come on, let's compare two cars of the same CLASS, please! Supra vs. Cuda...who the hell bothers to think of that? HP and torque don't come in to play on that figure; they're just not the same class of cars. You compare a sportster to a sportster and a muscle car to another muscle car. So how about everyone here just stop arguing over something pointless and actually do something worthwhile?
  12. h4x
  13. well i really only created an account to say that your supra in the picture looks alot similar to a veilside supra, why would that be one of the stages of your supra?
  14. And Why does your picture of "your" supra have a water mark on it? Im only saying that it does because "Zond is sexonwheels" put a picture of the EXACT same car at the EXACT same angle with the EXACT same lighting, and it has a big, fat, WATERMARK on it. Im just saying that if it was really "your" car, then why you would have to crop out a water mark from a picture you found on the internet. Nice try buddy.
  15. i have my perfect opinion...jap cars stay where they are...american cars stay where they are...your supra can stay where it is...and everyone stays happy
    sheesh the two cars are of completely different leagues
  16. White Chocolate is too busy racing his Supra versus other mental patients with their new cool cars. They exchange photos from the net, and argue who's stolen photo is better and how it outperforms the other
  17. right... first off. why would you change the bodykit of your car drastically from a abflug kit to a veilside kit. so this is obviously to different cars unless you wanted to spend $5,000 just on the two bodykits for no reason...

    supras have not been racing forever either... try 10 years maybe compared to the skyline's 50 years.

    you do not own a supra either otherwise you would not post photos of it because you would look like a twat, and you're not one of those people are you?

    And for the record, ferrari in the past has been beaten by ford and chevrolet and lotus is owned by an american company who also own proton (GMC)and lotus' can go round bends.

    "Abflug 3P Kit Type-1 Late Model (Toyota Supra 80 Chassis: JZA80)
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  18. LOL @ n00bs...
  19. WTF his Supra kicks your ass because it costs $100000 dollars and has 1000hp ON TAP. I DON'T SEE YOUR CAR HAVING 1000HP ON TAP. Learn how to know your Toyota trivia MORAN.

  20. Your Supra is lame. I would rather have the Cuda and put twin turbos in it. Second either you are retarded or an idiot. Comparing a car with 2 turbos to a plain V8 is dumb, then you go on to say your SHIT car has 700hp, YOU'RE A RETARD. Make a car comparison/contest that is far you dumb shit. Are all you 30000plus post as stupid ass this one?

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