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Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by killiman1, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. the title is a joke,of course. has any car ever been accepted so quickly and so wholehearthedly (?) into the mainstream culture? u hear people saying here and there that McLaren is god, but McLaren just kept the crown clean for this thing to come around -PEACE
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    McLaren is still god.
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    What a noob. Seriously you should jus stay off the forums and keep living in the late 90's
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    ferrari enzo #$%#n rules, and will only b beaten by the nexy amazing ferrari to come....
    top 5 cars...
    1. ferrari enzo (of course)
    2. porsche gt2
    3. mc f1
    4. mazda rx 8
    5. viper venom
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    no, mc is not still god.. wouldn't say the enzo is either, but it sure is wonderful. wasn't really sure about the styling at first, but I've grown to love it.
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    mc is god because after 10 years ferrari still cant beat it, enzo isnt as fast enough, practical enough and as fun to drive. ur calling that kid a noob?
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    Was there an official test done to show that the Enzo did not beat the Mac...Nope The Enzo matches the Mac in all acceleration times and handles and brakes lightyears better than the Mac.So 1.2 Million is more practical than 650,000. In several reviews about the Enzo they said the Enzo is a lot easier and just overall better to drive. Fun to drive factor would depend on if you have driven both the cars and made that deduction after driven both of them, have you done this, don’t even try to pulll something stupid out of your @ss.
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    wat im also saying is that it took ferrari over a decade to finally MATCH the mac, showing that its speed and technology of the car was way ahead of its time, and it is also an extremely practical supercar, the design is just great, so if ferrari wants to make a car as great as the mac, it has to be practical enough to drive in town, on the track and the performance should be 10 years ahead of its time, because that is wat made the car so "god-like", its the moral of the car that counts more than the numbers
  9. mc is god enzo is god-to-be
  10. No, YOU should stay off the forums. Everyone has their opinion and my opinion is that McLaren F1 is the best car in the world. You should seriously shut the #$%# up you ignorant #%$.
  11. OK not to bring heat to this convo, but i also say its personal choice. The enzo is fast so is the mc, but when will anyone have enough money to buy one let alone the other to test out for themself?
    I saw an enzo in long island and all i can say is DAMN. I tried to follow in my aunts car(BMW 330I) but lost him. Shucks!

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