This vs. the Honda S2000!

Discussion in '2002 BMW 330Ci Clubsport' started by kav, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I bet anybody would love to have this beemer.
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    yeah this is a very nice car, and if you dont have the $$$ for the M3, its a good second choice. The Honda S2000 beats this car easily doing 0-60 in more than a second faster but this beemer definitely outclasses the S2000<!-- Signature -->
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    Not sure where you got your S2000 times from...if the S2000 did 0-60 a second quicker than the 330Ci CS, is would be M3-rivalling material. According to Motor Magazine, the S2000 is good for a shave over 7 seconds, with the Ci's 6.6 seconds pretty much on-target with reviews. Would still be a toss-up though, down here in Australia, the standard 330Ci costs AUD$20k more (around US$10k more.) Still, it's hard to find an area other than price where the S2000 beats this.
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    According to Best Motoring, S2000 does 4.9 seconds.
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    This car will rape a S2000 on a track and in the city, they are not even in the same class.
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    Kind sir, your useless posts are a course for concern. Anymore of this and I will sanction your bannishment. This behavior is unethical.
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    I totaly agree with the FBI honda's are nothing compared to any BMW. What was I AM FAMOUS thinking? What a stupid question.
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    1. This

    2. S2000
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    are you guys ok? i mean seriously. if you think this over priced, underpowered, under performed car can actually beat an s2000, you are totally out of your minds. s2000 does 0-60 in 5.6. not 4.9, not 7.0. a m3 does it in 4.7. which is NOT a second less than a 330i. Thank you 2003svtcobra for being the only accurate one here. the s2000 would mutilate any 330i. it weighs less, has more horse power, and has a smaller price tag. the only thing this beemer would win on is a head to head collision with a s2000.
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    wow this is a hard desision BIMMER
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    BMW = Good enough speed, reliablity and CLASS
    Honda s2000 = fast, sporty but has NO CLASS at all. the only reason it weighs less then the Bmw is because you Japs made it to fit ur own posture. Well the Bmw is made to fit European posture. The only reason u tune ur cars is cause ur aren't confident about it's preformance, also a feeling many bmw owners don't have

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    This vs. the Honda S2000!

    i hate to say a honda would beat aneything but the S2000 would beat it <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

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    This vs. the Honda S2000!

    i hate to admit it but a honda S2000 would actually beat this even though honda suks
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    no way man i rather have and S2000
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    I dont mean to sound like a r!cer, but i would rather buy the S2000, and sorta mess with the interior and tune it for the price of this. then the S2000 might get more looks then the BMW..
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    I would take the S2000 and whoever is saying that the BMW would kick the Honda's ass is just ignorant or plain stupid.
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    S2000. Hands down. I'm sorry but someone mentioned BMW and reliability in the same sentance...sorry man thats like saying McDonald's makes good, quality food - its just a flat out lie! The Honda takes reliability, speed, handling, pricing, and overall fun. BMWs are overpriced and heavy tanks. And as for all of the cracks on Japanese cars about reliability, tuning them because we are insecure, etc.'re just ignorant. They are under-rated because Japan has emissions standards and can only produce so much horsepower per liter, as well as not surpassing an average liter production in cars. Their cars cannot have huge displacement due to these government standards, so they give a small engine immense potential to be tuned, even though stock this car would easily take out the BMW.
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    BMW 330 ci is a real BMW and in a superior level.Not only because a used S2000 has a very very low money value,but also because when you are sitted inside the BMW you can see the care in all details and the gorgeous quality of materials.Then,we can say that the BMW 330 ci can also be used like a confortable family car,with 5 seats and a spacious boot;S2000 remains only a spartan japanese sportcar.
  19. Personally, i think this is a retarted comparisson, but anyway. Now to the question at hand. When comparing these cars... the victor in any aspect involving performance, is obvious. The S2000 wins it by a long shot. Those who are in doubt, please refer to the S2000's Curb weight. Unless an overly fat, 500 lb man is sitting in that thing, it is sure to win in any performance catagory, including on the track. Now that thats all said and done, i have a comment. There are way to many fanboys on this site, that are so die hard, it makes me wanna puke, seriously guys stop being so narrow minded. Every car, and every car make has their own unique qualities, and if you believe that there is one MAJICAL make out there that is perfect, thats great, but keep an open mind and APPreciate other cars as well. The Supercars forum would be a better place if everyone was like this.

    Thats all... peace


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